Who Does What: In-Demand Skills in The New Era of Instructional Design

The labor market of 2023/24 was in high demand for Instructional Designers. Thousands of job openings were available at the time of this webinar’s creation, and as we witnessed this (for any designer) great phenomenon, we couldn’t help but notice – how is it possible that a single person checks all the requirements?

Our brains are amazing, but let’s get down to earth a bit. Grab your popcorn and watch how we analyze ID up to this point in time.

Emphasized analytical thinking, exceptional writing skills, an eye for visual beauty and functionality and overall creativity – those are the skills often looked for in an instructional designer. In this piece of eLearning, we wanted to give you our take on the analysis of an ever-evolving ID field that keeps us on our toes at all times.

From the fascinating development influenced by numerous theories and forward-thinking minds to new technologies that change the way we approach and develop learning solutions, we are constantly inspired to adapt and search for the best solutions.

To cover the instructional design basics we talk about:

  • What was: The development of Instructional design and the impact it had on learning
  • What is:
    – Learning Architects and Instructional Designers in eWyse – the skills behind the roles
    – Synchronization: How we adapt our approach to the current demands of Instructional Design
    – The process of eLearning course production – eWyse style
  • What will be: Our thoughts and predictions for the future of Instructional Design.

Put your phone to silent mode and get ready for the ID thriller movie.

Watch the Webinar.

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