eLearning Is Dead!

And Why Solution-Based Learning Is Here To Take Its Place.

Someone once sang “Punk Is Dead”. That was Crass in 1979. Then someone sang “eLearning Is Dead”. That was us, eWyse, in 2023.

Why, oh, why did we bury eLearning?

Inspired by Crass’ punk, we decided to give eLearning a proper farewell. But, after death, there comes better punk – excuse us, eLearning. And that, dear friend, is solution-based learning.

Have you ever had an eLearning course that failed to meet its purpose? Perhaps you developed a course to overcome a challenge, and yet the setbacks kept repeating. From our perspective, this is a sign that something wasn’t right from the beginning, and now you’re stuck with eLearning that is solving nothing.

What challenge, you ask? Well, that indeed is the ultimate of all challenges.

In this webinar we were all about punk, and how solution-based learning should be and is taking its place on the scene. And – spoiler alert – it’s not that we don’t like eLearning. It’s just that we think that the traditional approach to eLearning lacks the expertise that the solution-based approach has.

What expertise? The one that focuses on maximizing ROI and supports people with eLearning that they actually need.

Here is what we talk about in the webinar:

  • Why Solution-Based Learning is the best approach for problem solving;
  • How to conduct the Needs Analysis to detect problems;
  • When to start with your eLearning course development;
  • How to set the parameters of success;
  • How to measure success and ROI.

The show must go on, mate!

Can you handle the punk of Solution-Based eLearning?

Enjoy the setlist that is gentle on the budget, maximizes ROI, and tailors bespoke eLearning – the one you want and need.

Jot down your contact details and get ready for the show.

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