Reviving History Using VR Technology

VR technology has introduced endless opportunities for online learning. Creating computer-generated environments with realistic scenery and objects that help users feel immersed in their surroundings has launched a whole new level of online learning. This sort of 360 experience can help us teach the unteachable and explain the unexplainable.

We have created this 360-degree video with the aim of bringing history to life. Within this experience, learners can explore historical monuments and ancient traditions, all from the comfort of their armchairs.
REVIVAL is a project for the revitalization and reuse of the lost 20th-century heritage in the Adriatic landscape.

Click here or on the picture below to see yourself!

Topics covered

  • Virtual reality
  • 360 experience
  • Interactivity and multimedia
  • New technologies

Adobe eLearning Design Award

This project is a recent Adobe eLearning Design Awards runner-up; fine praise indeed. The competition, run by Adobe in partnership with eLearning Industry, has reviewed projects from all corners of the world, ranging from augmented reality, dementia, preserving a disappearing dialect, workplace ethics, breast cancer awareness all the way to planning a trip to Japan!

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