Education is what remains after one has forgotten
what one has learned in school

Albert Einstein

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Before we started producing e-Learning content we grew up on traditional facilitator led training development and deliveries. Despite the growing demand for e-Learning, some topics and some situations still require traditional facilitator delivery approach. This is where our experience comes into play. After conducting a detailed analysis of both yours and your stakeholders’ needs for the training outcomes, we set to content production. Besides knowing what exactly you expect from a training the most important thing we care about is how to raise participants’ engagement and willingness to participate and learn.

The methodological approach to our training courses is based on the concept of experiential learning and includes a variety of methods (individual work, small group and plenary discussions, simulations, exercises, theoretical exposure). The process of training is always focused on the participants. Active and interactive methods help balance individual and group learning processes, taking into account the different preferred ways of learning.


After many years in both profit and non-profit sectors, we have achieved expertise in different topics. Today, we can easily design and deliver a training course for the following topics:


Based on our experience, we provide consulting services to clients from various sectors. We can help you implement positive changes in the organizational culture, make a plan and calculate ROE and ROI on education and develop a learning & development strategy for your organization. During consulting, we develop a trusting environment and a long term relationship with our clients.

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