Education is what remains after one has forgotten
what one has learned in school

Albert Einstein

How to Influence Others?

One of the most common principles of human culture is the principle of reciprocity. It simply states that a person is obliged to return what he has received from others. The second person therefore is morally obliged to give back and repay you for what has been given. This means that you can give to […]

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How to Measure the Impact of a Training on the Organization?

Today for sure there is no serious business organization that does not plan in its strategy to develop the knowledge and skills of their employees. We know that people are what makes up any organization and investment in their development is actually a key factor that allows us to build a competitive advantage, faster growth […]

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Is the Comfort Zone Really Comfortable?

In the below lines I am going to challenge you to stop for a minute and think about the well-known phrase that says «Great things never came from comfort zones». The majority of us would agree to this saying, but after giving it a little bit of thought, I would not agree saying that the comfort zone is really […]

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