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eWyse Case Study

Our experience with eWyse was very pleasant. The Agency performed with great flexibility and delivered great product despite a very tight schedule. We believe that in such fast-moving situations communication is key and the communication feedback rounds between our company and the agency were smooth and very effective!
Shiva Zarifi,
Raiffeisen Bank International


RBI Group (RBI) is a leading corporate and investment bank in Austria as well as Central and Eastern Europe, with around 46,000 employees and 16.8 million customers. For more than 130 years, Raiffeisen has combined solid financial performance with socially responsible activity.

It is RBI’s responsibility to generate a positive environmental and social impact through sustainable finance products and services and to support customers’ transition towards a carbon-neutral business model.
RBI video clip for eWyse Case Study
“As sustainability becomes more important each day, we’re glad RBI gave us the opportunity to help them raise awareness within their company.
Our hope was to inspire their employees to connect with the concept and help them be better informed about the topic and how it affects everyone.”

Karmela Peček,
Instructional Designer at eWyse Agency


Within RBI’s project on sustainable customers and businesses and in line with its own guiding principles around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as the UN-sponsored Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020, RBI wanted to raise internal awareness, change the mindset, and communicate responsibilities arising from EGS factors within the bank.

It was decided that part of the internal promotion of sustainable finance topics would involve a number of events, within which a series of videos needed to be produced that clearly defined the company’s commitment to Sustainable development.
RBI video clip for eWyse Case Study
“This project proved how important good communication and trust is – between a client and the agency. Our 3C Approach and vast experience in rapid development (for which we won multiple awards) proved to be of crucial importance when delivering high quality products to a tight schedule.”
Martina Osmak,
COO at eWyse Agency
The main challenge was that the production of promotional material needed to be completed within an extremely tight deadline with high-quality standard and within an aligned budget. This meant that the task of organising the finished script, Storyboard, Moodboard, as well as complex animation sequences needed to be outsourced to a third party.

In addition, it was essential that the finished production was appraised and ready before the start of the events. This meant that the need for frequent and effective communication between stakeholders on both sides was non-negotiable.


In eWyse, RBI has a long history of partnering that has delivered a large number of corporate training sessions, either in an Instructor-Led environment or by way of self-paced eLearning modules.

Using both this knowledge, as well as proven, award-winning, rapid development processes, for both eLearning as well as explanatory products for other clients, eWyse created a number of accessible and fun, animated videos that conveyed perfectly the CSR messaging and high-level education that was required, during the course of the event and beyond.


The animated videos were delivered on time, scope and within budget. They were extremely well-received by the audiences. These animated videos became extremely popular and were shared far and wide around the organisation in all Network Banks in CEE region and in RBI Headquarters in Austria. It was, once again, a testament to the value of close collaboration between all stakeholders, as well as the great use of a solid development process under extreme time-pressure.
RBI video clip for eWyse Case Study
“For years I’ve been working for Raiffeisenbank as a soft skills trainer, training hundreds of the Bank’s employees. It’s a pleasure to see how the organisation is transforming from traditional learning methods to modern digital eLearning solutions.”
Mario Buljan,
CEO at eWyse Agency

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