eWyse Case Study

“Collaboration between Raiffeisen bank in Croatia and eWyse is one example of our continuous investment in additional education and progress of our employees. Our goal is to modernize all our content, and we turned to eLearning as an excellent way to achieve efficient and accessible education. eWyse proved to be a reliable partner in accomplishing that goal.”

Quote from the Client


Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. (RBA) is a part of the international corporate and investment group Raiffeisen Bank International, with headquarters in Vienna. Successful long-standing cooperation of eWyse and RBA on the development of eLearning courses continued with the collaboration of eWyse and the RBI group. RBA started its work in Croatia almost 30 years ago, at which time it expanded its business to 62 banks in 36 Croatian cities.

RBA puts extra focus on the needs of its employees. One of the ways they encourage individual progress is by enabling continuous education and training opportunities for their employees. RBA turned to eLearning because of the ease and accessibility of digital forms of education. eLearning courses created in this collaboration are connected to the RBA onboarding app, which makes the onboarding process faster and more convenient.

“We achieved excellent cooperation with the RBI group developing sustainability courses, as well as with Raiffeisen bank Croatia developing courses on the key business processes. Each project has its challenges, but with quality communication and agreement, these challenges are easily solved.”

Matea Stare,
Project Manager // Team Lead
at eWyse Agency


The courses were envisioned to contain necessary knowledge and remind employees of certain fundamental principles and responsibilities towards themselves, their employers, and their clients.
The main guideline for these courses was the ease and accessibility of learning. That meant the courses should be simple, interesting, and contemporary, but at the same time, they should convey important and specific information connected to the entire functioning of the bank.

The general goal toward which RBA is aiming is the overall digitalization and modernization of content, as well as its adaptation into more contemporary and effective forms of education.

“RBA is an excellent example of introducing useful novelties to increase productivity. They proved to be a highly approachable client that follows and accepts the latest trends in education and development.”

Marija Šimunić,
Intructional Designer at eWyse Agency


In collaboration with the client and successful two-way communication, as well as effective feedback during all seven stages of the course production, we found a way to produce courses that are at the same time accessible and informative, as well as interactive and engaging.

This was achieved through thoroughly prepared and precisely explained raw materials that were then further developed and adapted by eWyse’s Learning Architects, respecting the principles of quality eLearning. eWyse’s Instructional Designers then created the courses respecting the visual guidelines of the Raiffeisen group. They also included effective animation and interactive elements to keep the users engaged. Interactivity is an important factor while developing quality eLearning, but it is crucial to balance the elements in a way that keeps learners engaged and focused on the content instead of distracting them.

“It was necessary to establish a correct balance to create courses that are at the same time straightforward, educational, and engaging. The challenge was to develop the interactive elements that would achieve all three goals and use appropriate storytelling that would enlighten and make accessible even the more serious topics.”

Tajana Kovačević,
Learning Architect at eWyse Agency

“Cooperation of eWyse and RBA has successfully continued through the years in F2F and digital environments. We are excited to see an increase in demand for quality eLearning both internationally and locally.”

Martina Osmak,
COO/CSO at eWyse Agency


This successful cooperation resulted in timeless and coherent courses that follow the latest eLearning trends. The courses enabled the clients to achieve their goals and KPIs. The employees for whom the courses were intended expressed highly positive impressions and gave them an average score of 4.7, with 5 being the highest score. They also commended the courses’ visual appeal and the clear, interesting, and contemporary approach to the topics. 

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