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The Transformation of Nets’ Onboarding Proves How Fintech Industry Can Benefit from eLearning - eWyse Case Study

“The courses have transformed the way that we now onboard our new starters and results are already beginning to show!
Ivona Drezga,
HR Management Specialist


Nets is a provider of digital payment solutions founded over 50 years ago in Copenhagen. They are dedicated to developing and managing its payment business on an international level.  From their headquarters located in Denmark, they serve clients from the financial and banking sectors across  Europe. Their portfolio is tailored to meet global, regional, and local market or individual client requirements.
Nets CEE mockup for eWyse case Study
“One of the challenges in developing this project was trying to figure out different ways of showing all the technical data in a way that was easy to follow.
Our goal was to transform all the tables and schemes into new forms that would be interesting enough to motivate users to discover information on their own.”

Karmela Peček,
Instructional Designer at eWyse Agency


Companies that operate within or around the financial sector are frequently mandated to provide training to staff, as much of the work is accountable to international regulations around areas such as fraud protection, Know-Your-Customer requirements, or Anti-Money Laundering.

Nets used to provide all such training sessions for staff in a traditional face-to-face or Instructor-led environment. This led to a number of problems, as the onboarding of new employees would often have to be delayed until there was an adequate number to justify the expense. This meant that the new starters would often have to wait for weeks before they were inducted properly.

Nets CEE Product Management Intro Screen

“We tackled this challenge by finding a theme, or an interesting angle for each course. We used topics that included Western movies, space and astronauts, searching for insects, pop culture references, etc. Therefore, even though the content is highly complex, the use of humor, gamification, or other engaging tactics meant that the learners benefited from and actually enjoyed the learning experience.”

Martina Osmak,
COO at eWyse Agency
Also, the Subject Matter Experts who conducted the training were typically senior-level employees. This meant that the time they spent onboarding was time they were not engaged in their core, high-value activities. This process was repeated each month as new employees needed to be continually onboarded, which meant that the issue was a continuous problem that needed to be addressed.

In addition to this resource misallocation, there were some quality issues. Courses were routinely video-recorded to allow for learners to review the content after the live training session had been completed. This meant that it was almost impossible to engage with the content, especially as some of the training modules were in excess of an hour in length.
“Working with the eWyse team was an absolute pleasure. The courses have transformed the way that we now onboard our new starters and results are already beginning to show, with faster onboarding of new hires, as well as a reduction in workload pressure for our senior colleagues, who now spend more of their time on core activities.”
Ivona Drezga,
HR Management Specialist at Nets CEE


Nets chose to work with eWyse, who immediately started the process of creating a suite of compelling, engaging, and fun eLearning courses.

With a high number of separate subject areas, it was crucial that the courses were created with the same look and consistency. Close cooperation with Mercury Processing Services International meant that all of the content was produced in this way and that also, through the use of storytelling, multimedia, and gamification, complex subjects were brought to life in a captivating way.

Nets CEE mockup for eWyse case Study

“During our cooperation with Nets, we faced several challenging situations resulting from the need to accommodate unpredicted but essential changes to course content.
However, thanks to our 3C framework, which enables all parties to have full control over three key project streams, these amendments were implemented with ease. These out-of-scope or unplanned changes really tested and confirmed the value of this working method.”

Mario Buljan,
CEO at eWyse Agency

Learning had now become fun and its effectiveness meant that onboarding was improved. Mandatory tests at the end of each course ensured that this improvement was also measurable, which meant that Mercury Processing Services International was always assured of the training effectiveness.

The use of eLearning also meant that Nets senior team members could now focus on their core roles, new employees were trained from day one, and all training had now become effective and measurable.


Even though creating custom eLearning might seem like a daunting task that requires an initial investment in both time and money, results shown in this graph present a measurable return on investment for every single case we have ever worked on.

Nets CEE Testing Overview video clip
Improved Onboarding Time
Reduced Workload Pressures
Measurable Training Effectiveness

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