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Ledvance: eWyse Case Study

“eWyse is a very flexible and responsive partner for us, always offering fresh ideas.They were always quick and straightforward in processing different demands. We really enjoyed the good cooperation.”
Anette Bosch,
Senior Training Specialist


With subsidiaries in more than 50 countries and business activities in over 150 countries, LEDVANCE is one of the world’s leading general lighting companies for professional customers and end-consumers.

Own product brand LEDVANCE stands for innovative luminaires, smart lighting solutions as well as electronic components.

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“We consider these courses to be the best proof that anything, even the most complex topics, can be well explained and presented through eLearning.

We covered a broad variety of products, their use, installation and other technical aspects in a way that is complete and easy to understand. “
Martina Osmak, COO at eWyse Agency


LEDVANCE is one of the world‘s leaders in general lighting for lighting professionals as
well as end users, offering:

  • A broad variety of LED luminaires
  • Advanced LED lamps
  • Intelligent, networked Smart Home & Smart Building solutions
  • Traditional light sources

As LEDVANCE is offering a highly innovative product portfolio using the latest technology, especially for Smart Home and dynamic lighting solutions, product and application training for employees, customers and end users are more important than ever.

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“The translation of the LEDVANCE courses into 15 languages was a really important step in helping us to localize the content. It makes it more inclusive and is always a fun part of the process!”

Barbara Ninić, Multimedia Designer
at eWyse Agency

With a global footprint, mixed distribution channels, and frequent product updates, the existing offline training methods struggled to meet the needs of the business. In order to keep employees, customers, and end users up-to-date with the relevant product information, any new training solution needed to accommodate multiple languages, a widely dispersed, growing audience, and a variety of user needs.  In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to all face-to-face training, industry events, and trade fairs, so the incentive to move product training online had never been greater.  


With eWyse, LEDVANCE chose a partner providing a custom-built learning management system (LMS) and bespoke training courses as a training solution.

The LMS caters to all of the company’s needs, housing around 500 courses, learner hierarchies also open for access to multiple user groups. The full integration with the existing CRM simplified the platform login process, something which helped improve the user experience and increase the appeal of the new system.

The tailor-made content was translated into 15 additional languages to cater to an international audience and help establish the platform as a learning hub for employees, customers, and end users. It provides users with certifications for specific training modules, which are recognized throughout the organization and beyond.

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“With LEDVANCE LMS our goal was to create a one-stop-shop for users all over the world. With a single sign-in, they can find all the information that they need about LEDVANCE products, no matter which country they are in or which language they speak. The system behind it might be complex, but it’s very simple to use.”

Mario Buljan, CEO at eWyse Agency


The implementation of the LMS and new training curriculum has been a huge success, with thousands of users accessing the content 24/7.

This training vehicle also supports the market introduction of LEDVANCE’s innovative lighting solutions (smart) and increases awareness of the importance of quality and comfort in lighting applications. 

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“This was a very special project for us because we had to present and explain the use of a wide range of products to both professionals and customers at the same time. The courses were designed simply, yet at times contained more complex information, so that they are useful for the consumers, as well as the professionals who need to install the Ledvance luminaires. The bespoke LMS solution is a 24/7 learning hub, with added features such as interest tags to provide a positive user experience and serve the purpose of facilitated learning.”

Karmela Peček, eLearning Design & Development
Specialist at eWyse Agency

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