Learning Architects

Or “Who Writes eCourses?”

These well-rounded professionals make learning simple, engaging, and accessible. Learning Architects ensure your content is thoroughly understood and clearly structured. They plan how the building blocks of knowledge will construct an unforgettable eLearning experience.

How We Write

In the process of eLearning experience creation, studious Learning Architects are your first stop. As we analyze your content, we envision the connections and finesses in the content and materialize them in a way to provide optimal knowledge transfers for the learners.

What’s amazing about learning architecture is the diversity of creative ideas. Planning the structure of knowledge transfer requires out-of-the-box thinking. With the right solutions, you’ll talk about our courses for days after taking them; but, what’s more important, the information from the course will stick. Because we planned it that way.

…in the course, as well as in the process behind the course. We closely collaborate with SMEs: Learning Architects suggest, adapt, and develop mesmerizing eLearning content that will communicate your message and meet your goals.

The journey from raw materials to eLearning experiences inevitably goes through these two stages: your LA puts their vision of a course in a Concept and elaborates it to detail in a Storyboard. Our processes are well-defined and support the 3C framework, ensuring you get the one-of-a-kind eCourse tailored specifically to your needs.

Keeping up with the latest advancements in the eLearning industry, LAs constantly review and rethink their practices. Here at eWyse, we like to share knowledge and use our own stories for the collective growth of the eLearning industry. Come on now, keep up!

The Storyboard Masters

Lead Learning Architect
With her contagious creativity, she’s heard even when quiet. Her work makes you hear, feel and see at the same time. Her pen (and keyboard) is the tongue of her mind.
Learning Architect
Our crackerjack Learning Architect autographs her work with excellence. With a striking eye for detail, no letter will be left unturned. Whatever the topic – she can master it.
Learning Architect
With a sparkle in her eye that could rival a shooting star, she waltzes through the realm of words, choreographing learning experiences that tap with creativity and shuffle with innovation.