Instructional Designers

Breathing Life Into eLearning

The skills of an Instructional Designer are a life-or-death matter here at eWyse. The touch of their mastery breathes life into your content, resulting in mesmerizing eLearning experiences.

The Birth Of An eLearning Course

Creating Moodboards, Demos, And Courses

First, there was a [Moodboard]: the preview of all visual elements to be used in one’s course.
Then, it grew to become a Demo: a glimpse of interactions, voice, feel, all things that could make your course unique.
Once a mere glimpse, the Demo becomes an eCourse: your one unforgettable eLearning baby.

ID Basics

For eLearning Advancements

ID's IDs

eWyse team: Karmela Pecek

Karmela Peček

Lead Instructional Designer/LMS Expert
Expert in all things design. She is fluent in LMS, earning her the title The LMS Whisperer. Another seasoned designer who is known as our graphics virtuoso.

Marija Šimunić

Instructional Designer
An execution thinker, with a creative flow in all directions. She dreams big, works hard and makes it happen fast. Our very own Speedy Gonzales. Andale, Arriba!

Ivana Geček

Instructional Designer
Our multi-talented multi-tasker. Our writer and our designer, not only generates innovative ideas, but also brings that creativity to life.

Andreja Golubić

Instructional Designer
Our seasoned designer who makes it work, makes it right and makes it fast. Sees the possible in impossible and oils the wheels in designing.

Ivan Blažević

Instructional Designer
Also a musician, Ivan creates killer beats and drums up a storm. His keen eye for geometry makes him the ultimate combination of brains and beats.