It’s no surprise that as we move further into the digital age, the demand for eLearning becomes greater. There are many reasons why this should be. The classroom is rapidly becoming an outdated concept beyond the early days of schooling, and here we will have a look at why eLearning is increasingly important and relevant to the current era.

All-Round Convenience

Anyone can learn this way. eLearning appeals across all ages and is a more relaxed way of learning. With courses available in all popular subjects as well as more specialist areas, and at all levels of education, there is something for everyone. Online learning is popular with those who work full or part time, as the courses can be taken at a time that is convenient rather than having to be in a set place at a specified time.

Reduced Learning Time

A major advantage of eLearning is the delivery time. For classroom-based learning you may have an hour one week, then – for example – wait another week until the next hour. With eLearning you can study when you want, as often as you want, in your own time. There are other time-saving elements too: no travel time to and from the classroom; the opportunity to choose only the parts of the course you want to learn, and no interruptions.

Updated Content

Everything changes, all the time, and an advantage of eLearning is that the student is not reliant upon an outdated textbook. Online content can be updated and refreshed quickly and instantly, so with subjects that are fluid and ongoing learners can be right up to date with current trends and fresh news.

Revisit Lectures

eLearning courses are generally taught using a series of online lectures and, in many cases, workbooks to go with the lectures. The advantage of this method lies in the fact the student can revisit the lecture any number of times. Every student has those moments when, reading through notes, thinks ‘what was that about?’ With an online lecture you can watch again, and even scroll to the relevant point and watch specific parts.

Cost Savings

The simple fact is it is cheaper to study online than it is to go to college. No matter the level of course you want to take, there are no travelling costs, you can study from home so don’t have to pay to live somewhere close to campus, and the need for expensive text books is also negated in most cases. All you need is your laptop or PC, a good internet connection, and you are ready to learn.

The future of eLearning is very bright and as more people realise how convenient it can be to study for leisure or to advance their education and career, demand is set to rise. It’s worth checking out the many options in eLearning that are currently available as you may be able to save time and money studying a subject that appeals in your own time and in your own home.

eLearning about eLearning SAMPLE COURSE

We’ve created a fun and engaging eLearning course, ‘eLearning about eLearning,’ to show you all of the elements that a good eLearning course should have