Getting Started at eWyse -The Onboarding Process

Employees come and go, that’s an inevitable truth, only we all want it to happen as rarely as possible. But if your employees come and go because of poor onboarding practices, say no more!

eLearning is an effective practical solution for employee onboarding in today’s world of global and remote organizations. So, when you’re rethinking your onboarding practices, make sure to consider eLearning courses – we did. Not only because we make them, but because they are a powerful communication tool, reaching many people in numerous locations. A well-thought onboarding course can also play a crucial role in managing expectations and alleviating first-day job jitters.

Topics covered

  • SMEs
  • eWyse values
  • Corporate culture
  • Main challenges for the business & employees
  • Mental health awareness
  • Overcoming the challenges

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