eLearning is conducted by using digital learning methods. It is popular because it is convenient, there are no relocation costs, and in many cases, courses can be taken at the learner’s own pace. What can be a problem with eLearning is keeping the student engaged and interested in the subject of the course. Maintaining learners’ attention is not an easy task, especially when the attention span of the population is getting shorter. The solution to this problem might be gamification. Gamification adds competitive and rewarding elements to the eLearning courses, therefore increasing the motivation of the learners. Following are a few proven examples of gamification that can be used in an eLearning setting.

Set Regular Goals

Rather than having just one goal that learners can only attain when they finish all the eLearning content, set them regular goals that coincide with the bite-sized modules. You can also set them a goal they can reach after finishing every couple of sessions or on a weekly basis. This goal can, for example, be a quiz that will test the knowledge of the finished eLearning module. A quiz is both a fun way to end a week or a session and a good method to repeat and back up the information collected in the courses.

Create a Leaderboard

Competition is always a good incentive, and people like to see their names at the head of a list. So, for example, create a leaderboard with the scores earned from the quiz or maybe rate learners based on their commitment. This can give them something to compare themselves with and judge their performance on. It’s easy to include, and it encourages more involvement.

Pose Challenges

Another way to additionally engage your learners is by setting them challenges or problems they need to solve to continue with the eLearning course. This can be done in the form of riddles or puzzles. You might need to combine different media for the best and most visually appealing effect. Additionally, this method can be used to encourage teamwork if two or three learners are set to work on the problem together.

Give Out Rewards

This eLearning gamification technique can also be very successful at increasing the learners’ engagement. As the learners progress through the course, have them collect some sort of a prize that will motivate them to keep going. It can be presented to them in the form of a medal, progress bar, or a journey with rewarding stops. The possibilities are endless but might require some creative storytelling and/or animation.
The benefits of eLearning are rapidly becoming clearer to greater numbers of people, and this form of education is becoming increasingly popular. Above we shared with you a few ideas for gamification elements in eLearning courses, but there are many other playful options you can use. For additional inspiration, we have an entire course on gamification you can check out.