How gamification helps in elearning?

Gamification in eLearning – How it Helps

The question ‘what is eLearning’ is one that many people are now asking, as the education world has been forced to turn to remote teaching on a large scale. eLearning is teaching using digital methods – via the internet – and all the resources available online. It is popular because it is convenient, there are no relocation costs, and in many cases, courses can be taken at the student’s own pace.

What can be a problem with eLearning is keeping the student engaged. Attention spans are short, and everyone wants to reach the goal that comes with qualification. The trick here is to use gamification. This is a way of encouraging students by way of enticement and incentive. Following are a few proven examples of gamification that can be used in an eLearning setting.

Set Regular Goals

Rather than leaving your students to attain one final overall goal, set them regular ones. Perhaps have a goal to reach after every couple of sessions, or on a weekly basis. This can be done by way of a set of questions – a quiz if you like – asked on what has been learned. It’s not just a fun way of ending a week or a session, it’s also a good method backing up the information you’ve given them.

Create a Leaderboard

Competition is always a good incentive. People like to see their name at the head of a list, so creating a leaderboard that scores perhaps the results of the above, or maybe rates students on other merits, can give them something to look at and judge their performance on. It’s easy to do and can also be used to encourage more involvement.

Pose Challenges

Some areas of education lend themselves to this sort of gamification than others. If you have a way of setting a challenge or posing a problem that students must solve, you’ll find it is an excellent way of getting them to start thinking carefully and maybe laterally. You can also use this method to encourage teamwork by perhaps asking two or three students to work on the problem together. It can be any sort of problem relevant to the subject, and the options are endless.

Give Out Rewards

This is one eLearning gamification technique that may not apply in all cases – and may not be possible in some – but incentivising students with the promise of a reward at certain points in the session is a successful method of engaging students. Perhaps a subscription to an online magazine, a day out, a meal or drinks vouchers. These cost money, but if you have a budget for marketing you might look to consider this as a method of encouragement.

The benefits of eLearning are rapidly becoming clearer to greater numbers of people – both the teachers and the students – and this form of electronic education is certain to become more popular in the near future. The above are just a few ideas where gamification in eLearning is concerned and there are many more. Take a look around and you should find some excellent ideas that will help keep your students engaged.

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