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eWyse Agency Case Study

engineered to win courses

"They have been highly responsive
to our needs and quality of the
courses has exceeded my expectations."

Jennifer Williams, Founder and Owner of Engineered To Win (ETW)


Engineered to Win (ETW) is an e-learning platform that helps engineers and scientists acquire skills and awareness needed to elevate their corporate career trajectories.

The company provides online courses that underpin 5 primary pillars of professional success.

One of the key aspirations of ETW is to be the premier e-learning provider for engineers and scientists. Providing universities, corporations, and professional organizations with content that specifically targets the needs of engineers and scientists as they are assimilating into the workforce.

"It was a challenge to create a visually appealing and interactive eLearning course with all the technical data that needed to be presented.

Visual consistency throughout the courses was a priority and I'm proud of how we successfully met our client's needs giving needed attention to details and learning new processes along the way."

Davorin Švaner, multimedia & motion graphics specialist at eWyse Agency



The company had originally explored an independent contractor to serve as the e-learning developer in the US, but was not satisfied with the process and having to manage the development process. A new eLearning partner had to be found and this is when the company turned to eWyse for help.

engineered to win courses

"Writing a highly technical course is never an easy task. You need to present all the relevant information in the right way, but you also need to make sure it's interesting, engaging and that the learner will enjoy going through it.

We're extremely pleased with the end result and with the fact that courses are both very enjoyable and extremely educational."

Martina Osmak, COO at eWyse Agency


eWyse has an established process of course development called the 3C Approach. This means that the company is able to produce eLearning content at a rapid pace, with no compromise of quality or consistency.

ETW was kept updated and informed about progress throughout the development process. Integral to the 3C Approach is the ability for clients to provide regular feedback at each stage and this was vital in ensuring that the courses adhered to the strict quality standards that are an essential part of the company’s brand. 

Jennifer Williams, Founder and Owner of ETW, is extremely satisfied with the results so far.
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“eWyse has been the perfect partner for us. They have been highly responsive to our needs and quality of the courses has exceeded my expectations. We look forward to continuing the development of our partnership and expanding the online content to meet the needs of our growing ETW community.”

Jennifer Williams, Founder and Owner of ETW