eLearning Course Examples

What better way to learn about eLearning than through eLearning courses?
If you want to discover the foundations of good eLearning or how to design engaging and super-effective eLearning courses, check out our eLearning course examples. All projects are bespoke and built exactly to clients’ needs – so we will create whatever your organization or learners require.
Effective onboarding process sets the standard under which your organization may face high turnover. Check out our tips for creating positive onboarding experiences with eLearning.
You can approach eLearning course development in four different ways, depending on the interactivity level, or in other words, on the instructional approach and technical complexity of interactive elements.
Remote work has become more popular in the past couple of years. Nowadays, it’s a common way people work or conduct their business.
In this course we cover basics like the kind of questions to ask, who to ask and how to gather and present knowledge in a way it makes sense.
Gamification can personalize the narrative to create a captivating learner experience. There are many ways to incorporate them, and this course shows you how to use them while learning to make your own pizza.
In an eLearning environment the opportunities for introducing interactivity to lessons in order to engage your students are many. This course is a great example of that.
Anyone can take eLearning courses at anytime and at anyplace. This course on financial management is a great example showing how eLearning tools can be used to simplify complex information.
Today, it’s possible to revive history and to learn about it using VR technology. This award-winning 360 experience project is a perfect example.
This eLearning course covers all kinds of things you need to consider when designing engaging and super-effective eLearning courses.
Gamification is the best method to engage users. There are endless ways to include it in your eLearning solutions and this quiz is one of the most fun. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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