eLearning 101

Want to know more about eLearning? We got you.

If you want to find out all the essential information about eLearning, you are in the right place. eLearning can be an extremely engaging and immersive experience with a little help from various captivating methods and tools.

Read through short and informative sections that each deal with a different topic important for successful eLearning development.

Importance of eLearning

Why is eLearning important? From being super-convenient, as well as saving time and money, here are the main reasons why eLearning will be around for a long time to come.

Attention Span

In this section, we look into how to maximize the effectiveness of your eLearning courses. Hint: size isn’t everything! Click bellow to find out more.


Games to engage. But it’s not just about learning as a game – bringing in a competitive angle can increase effectiveness for the learners, or players.


Clever use of a narrative can always  weave a little magic into your eLearning courses, which is great for engagement and retention of information!

Interactivity & Engagement

More interactivity equals more learner engagement. Using challenges, gamification or other elements of interactivity will boost your learning effectiveness.

Fast-paced Dynamic

Discover how learning elements that keep the pace upbeat and concise is a sure way to keep the eyeballs of your students glued to your courses, keeping them interested.

Branching Scenarios

See how you can maximize learner engagement by involving them directly in the decision making! Also, learn how to break down a complex segment of the content.

Multimedia & Rich Media

There’s actually a difference between multimedia and rich media. Both are great for increasing the engagement levels in your eLearning courses! Read more to find out how.

Bite-sized Approach

Find out in this section how creating shorter, ‘bite-sized’ courses is the perfect format for busy people, who are always on the go!

Animation in eLearning

Animation in eLearning is the perfect way to keep the learner’s attention or allow them to engage with many types of learning in a fun and effortless way. 

Immersive Learning

Immersive learning in any setting requires more learners’ engagement, and subsequently prolongs their attention span and increases their interest in the subject.

AR/VR/360 in eLearning

AR/VR/360 experience can be extremely beneficial for all types of remote learning. Find out how to employ these methods in your eLearning courses for the highest benefit.