Translation & Localization

eLearning speaks to learners in more than just (one) language. Our translation and localization services ensure your content is accurately and effectively communicated in the desired language and culture. When translating eLearning, having technical skills is crucial, and that’s where our services come into play.

We don’t want this to be all Greek to you, so – first things first: translation is different from localization. The good news is that we offer both services separately.

By providing translation and localization services, we help you bridge linguistic gaps. The two components of this well-rounded process are interdependent: in order for your content to make sense (think about Google Translate songs – you do not want that!), we need an ace translation and its technical integration in your eLearning. This includes re-recording and inserting a new voiceover if you have it, inserting captions in target language, and meticulous fine-tuning of the course technicalities.

And even more good news – we’re flexible! Whether you decide to provide us with the translation, or you decide to rely on us to provide it, we’re okay either way.

How does it work?


From your eLearning course, all materials are extracted and shared in a recommended format. The materials undergo a translation, which can be either client-led or eWyse-led – both works for us.


If a voiceover artist is included in your content, we offer you a selection of voiceover artists in the translated language(s). Once you choose the one that best suits you, we manage the rest.


Once all the content is translated, including the voiceover script, the localization process starts: we integrate the re-recorded voice over, insert the translated text, and carefully adjust every little box in your deliverable.

How have we helped other clients with localization?

No matter the industry, our clients have made the most of their eLearning content by utilizing translation and localization services. When your learners speak different languages, the best way for your content to resonate with them is to make it accessible in their language. This way you show respect for learners’ background and make the content more relatable.

Our quirk of the trade is such that we look at this from yet another perspective: impeccable localization will ensure the top quality of your learning experience. When your global audience is investing their energy into learning itself, there must be no linguistic nor technical on-screen distractions. This level of professionalism is what makes a difference.

Once you take a step in this direction, the advantages will shine through:

One stop for eLearning – we’re your all-in-one eLearning agency providing content development, and also voiceover sourcing, translation and localization
Wider content reach = wider marketability – global content for global audiences
Impactful eLearning experience – content in learners’ language resonates better

How can Localization help you?

Let’s talk! Shoot over your project details here to find out! Remember, the more you tell us about your project, the better we can help.
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