Solution-Based Learning

eLearning almighty – well, not if you don’t know what you need to improve. The revolutionary approach of our Solution-Based Learning helps you set your goals, figure out how to measure success, to finally tailor the right solution through our e-courses.

Make haste slowly. eLearning is a serious investment aimed at enhancing the team’s knowledge and skillset, and as such is aligned with your business goals. Tackling issues at hand should be deliberative, and, as a great leader, you already know – quick fixes are bad mixes.

We know we are trendy with our eLearning solutions, and we know you want us (it’s mutual, no worries). But we also know a bit more about you: you want efficacy – in your team and your budget.

Solution-Based Learning is our special package. The approach is such that prior to the course development, we perform due diligence on the challenges you are facing and want to overcome with eLearning. The true cause will be revealed, and right remedies prescribed – it may turn out that eLearning is not the right remedy, and that’s okay. We polish the procedure by extracting measurable criteria, thus leaving no room for hasty, uninformed decisions. Then, and only then, we dive into course development.

How does it work?


Our team provides expert consultancy to detect issues you want to solve. We perform a Needs Analysis to shed light on the following steps.


We analyze if the issues at hand can be solved with eLearning – if so, quantifiable criteria are set. With the completion of this step, you should be able to verbalize what your team should be able to do after the implementation of the solution.


The course development starts.


We measure the success of eLearning by criteria set in step 2.


The effects are carefully observed, and development processes are revised. If there is room for improvement, we jump back to step 3 to tune the process.

How have we helped other clients with solution-based learning?

eLearning hits the home run only when you see the ball clearly. Our clients want to focus on success, and their employee training is their moneyball.

What you really want are clearly detected issues, tools that help solve them, and data to confirm it. The Solution-Based Learning is distinctive because it expands the process of the eLearning experience creation. It starts at the end: measurable goals are set prior to course development. We keep our eyes on the ball – we aid our clients with expert consultancy aimed at pinpointing the issues at hand and building solutions around them.

The methodology enables making informed decisions and getting the best out of the eLearning experience. Thanks to criteria measurement, we can detect unmet goals and go back to the development stage for fine-tuning, thus:

  • Saving budget – no drains, this solution is tailored to your needs
  • Achieving KPIs – targeted training ensures efficiency
  • Improving training ROI – track the criteria and measure success

How can Solution-Based Learning help you?

Let’s talk! Shoot over your project details here to find out! Remember, the more you tell us about your project, the better we can help.
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