Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is all about flexibility – having the ability to learn effectively, no matter where or when you wish to study.
Work habits have evolved at breakneck speeds due to the COVID-19 pandemic and this has forced companies to review best practices in all areas, including the area of employee development. As well as advising on remote learning best practices, we also develop all of our courses in a mobile responsive format, so that learning can continue in all environments.

How does it work?


Our unique approach to Needs Analysis means that together we will uncover the learning objectives, as well as learner behaviours.


We design your eLearning courses and optimize them for the best possible learner experience, irrespective of where and when they wish to develop their skills.

How have we helped other clients with mobile learning?

Today, Mobile Learning IS learning. We always ensure that our courses are mobile-responsive, so that learners can enjoy the full benefits of the material, wherever they wish to study.

Most of our clients’ learners are now based remotely, or have a need to upskill outside of the work environment, sometimes even before they begin their work contracts. This is especially true in the hospitality & tourism industries, where we provide courses to clients wishing to onboard hundreds of seasonal workers. The provision of timely, engaging courses to these new recruits, as well as other learners on-the-go has many advantages, including:

  • Versatility – Learn from mobile-responsive courses any-time, any-where
  • Just-in-time training – Upskill new recruits using mobile technology, even before they begin their roles
  • Easy updates – Learners can be kept informed about any new courses or learning requirements at any time

How can Mobile Learning help you?

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