Micro Learning

The attention of modern learners is extremely short. With so many distractions, people want to receive relevant, action-orientated information right away.
Microlearning is the perfect solution and involves the delivery of information in a concise, engaging and inclusive format. This means that information is easy to learn, highly actionable and therefore, extremely valuable for all types of learning and for any audience.

How does it work?


Your subject matter experts provide us with all of your raw material, e.g. PowerPoint presentations, Word documents or videos on a subject.


We follow the tried and tested structure of our 3C Development Framework and turn your raw material into a series of beautiful, compelling and effective 15-20 minute learning modules!

How have we helped other clients with micro learning?

The concept of microlearning is one of the cornerstones of good, engaging eLearning courses.

The raw material that our clients provide us to build their courses can be, literally, hundreds of ages of copy or PowerPoint slides. Many of our larger pharmaceutical or professional services clients, for example, regularly task us with this challenge!

Chunking this information down into bite-sized portions of learning is a challenge that we thrive on. But it also provides huge advantages, including:

  • Better engagement – Shorter courses can be tackled anytime, anyplace
  • Better longevity – Ability to switch out micro-topics easily if needed
  • Better marketability – L&D teams can bundle & sell courses internally or externally to other stakeholders

How can Microlearning help you?

Let’s talk! Shoot over your project details here to find out! Remember, the more you tell us about your project, the better we can help.
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