Learning Management Systems (LMS)

An LMS is the platform onto which you would house all of your eLearning courses. It’s something that needs to be considered if you are seeking to create even more value from your learning experience.
A good LMS will allow you to track learner behaviours, create learner pathways, add collaborative tools such as video conferencing and also encourage the benefits of social learning through community elements such as chat rooms, leaderboards or competitions. Our LMS is tailored completely to your needs and is designed with the 3C Development Approach in mind.

How does it work?


Our technical team will assess as to whether your organization will need a fully tailored or a standard, pre-configured solution.


The fully tailored solution would be designed and deployed within 8 weeks of the project start, with the pre-configured LMS being delivered in around 4 weeks.

How have we helped other clients with LMS?

With so many LMS options on the market, many of our clients are confused as to what they need. Our in-depth needs analysis will qualify your exact requirements for today and for the potential future. This is vital, as it allows us to provide a solution that can grow or flex as you do.

We have helped clients of all sizes and all sectors, providing complex installations that integrate seamlessly with any 3rd party CRM or in-house web sites. Nothing is left to chance, from maximising learner options to ensuring user privacy through leading-edge encryption methods, all of your demands are met. eWyse’s LMS brings a host of benefits, including:

  • Ultimate flexibility – fully bespoke design that ensures all your needs are met
  • Full analytics and MI – to ensure learner data is captured and training curriculums are optimized for optimal results
  • Fully secure – with data protection and course storage.

How can Learning Management System help you?

Let’s talk! Shoot over your project details here to find out! Remember, the more you tell us about your project, the better we can help.
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