Explainer Videos

With attention spans shortening and information overload on the internet, Explainer videos provide the most effective way of engaging with your audience. The true value of this service is the creation of a narrative that helps you to reach your desired objectives – in a concise, clear and compelling way.
Explainer videos can be created in any style, from live action, through to 2D and 3D animation or motion graphics. Most are created to get straight to the point – around a minute of action, with a clear pay-off at the end to encourage an action on behalf of the viewer.

How does it work?


A thorough needs analysis that aims to uncover the core objectives of the project.


We then follow the tried and tested structure of our 3C Development Framework and create a stunning, engaging and effective Explainer Video.

How have we helped other Clients with explainer videos?

Explainer videos are powerful marketing tools that encapsulate our clients’ core brand and go-to-market messaging in a clear and concise way.

We have more and more clients who are looking at ways of pitching their learning curriculums to internal and external audiences. The versatility of an effective explainer video means that, often, multiple objectives can be achieved through the use of a single, expertly crafted production. From education and professional development companies, through to global manufacturing companies, a variety of our clients enjoy benefits that include:

  • High-quality – slick and professional production standards
  • Versatility – films can be incorporated into any marketing or brand campaign
  • Variety – explainer videos have been produced for commercial, non-profit or educational clients, with great results

How can Explainer Videos help you?

Let’s talk! Shoot over your project details here to find out! Remember, the more you tell us about your project, the better we can help.
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