Blended Learning

You may have been struggling with the idea of transitioning all of your learning needs out of the classroom / Boardroom and into a completely online environment. Virtual training can have the same impact on learners as the traditional instructor-led approach – but it needs to be designed correctly to do so.
Here at eWyse, we use our deep experience as face-to-face trainers, together with our team of Learning Architects and Instructional Designers, to create a blended approach to learning that might include a variety of best practices from both worlds that create the perfect solution for you. This would include all the online courses, as well as physical assets, such as Trainer’s Manuals, Participant’s Guides, PowerPoint presentations and other materials, as needed.

How does it work?


Proper needs analysis, involving all subject matter experts and key learner stakeholders is key in understanding the business needs as well as the learner environments.


We create all of your learning materials and structure them in a way that maximises engagement, learner participation and social interaction.

How have we helped other clients with blended learning?

With a deep background of providing both instructor-led, as well as online learning, we are ideally placed to help companies to navigate the transition from one to the other.

The art in creating an effective blended learning approach is, of course, understanding the needs of the organisation and learners and then advising on what should be produced, virtually or physically for each part of the curriculum.

Knitting these various components together is an art and a science. Using our experiences to deliver a broad range of blended learning assets, our solid approach provides numerous advantages, including:

  • A tried and tested approach – we have the knowledge and experience to deliver blended training
  • Confidence – In transitioning your team from face-to-face to online training
  • A one-stop-shop – For all of your online and offline learning materials

How can Blended Learning help you?

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