360 Experience

Remote learning is taken up a level with the use of 360 Experience learning. Imagine taking a virtual tour of a business or attraction, or learning more about a product or service as if you’re actually there.
Using special cameras to capture an image, this is a great way to maximize learner engagement, with the ability to pan around an area, investigate details of items via clickable hotspots or enjoy deeper immersion into a technical procedure through the flexibility of position changes or branching scenarios.

How does it work?


An in-depth needs analysis will begin to uncover specific organization and learner needs for the courses.


A brief will be created that will include a specific set of instructions about how to shoot 360 degree footage.

How have we helped other clients with 360 experience?

Our clients that require a more immersive experience love the 360 degree experience option. Virtual ‘fly-throughs’ of buildings and other areas are really effective in providing deeper knowledge of the subject. This works well for knowledge that requires a visual context or as a way to provide learner engagement through deeper immersion into the subject.

Our clients in the tourism sector, as well as retail operations, love this style of training, as it brings forward a number of advantages, including:

  • Versatility – can be used for a variety of industries and uses
  • Deeper immersion – through the use of various graphical & audible elements
  • More engagement – means more memory retention, great for technical or complex training courses

How can 360 Experience help you?

Let’s talk! Shoot over your project details here to find out! Remember, the more you tell us about your project, the better we can help.
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