We Are Our Culture
And That Culture Is Accountability

Each second we work together, our eWyse accountability culture is nurtured from each corner of our homes. It is our intrinsic drive upon which we thrive. We actively seek solutions to overcome challenges and initiate advancements of our processes. Innovations are welcome, and creativity called upon. And we know that none of it is possible without our humanity: we talk, we share, we cry, we laugh. Together.


We are open

Everyone’s opinion is valued and we communicate openly, even if it’s a bad joke day. It goes on all levels, in all directions. Feedback is strived for, processes transparent, and our mental health balanced.


We grow

Knowing how our actions are connected to the end result is the key to our advancement, which can be a bumpy ride. Thus we learn on the way to success and are not afraid to fall – there’s always an eWyser to catch you. Our actions are owned and accomplishments recognized – cakes, poems, initiatives – all things eWyse!


We are passionate

How can we go about this challenge differently? We try to see things from different perspectives and go that extra mile to feed our inner creativity that’s just waiting to pop out. We live the change we want to see in the world.


We act

We act on our ideas and plans, we act on our principles. When in distress, we actively seek solutions. Most importantly – humanity: we always act in a genuine and respectful way, and know we are there to support each other – in a mindblowing brainstorm or a hot shot of coffee chat.

Our Values Are Real
And It’s How We Live Each Day

Fundamental values that should be shared by each individual at eWyse are Growth and Development and Awareness. Our two key values, together with the ones integrated into them, lead to trust, security, quality, and success. Our mission, vision, and values derive from the belief that only engaged and satisfied individuals make our clients satisfied, which is one of our primary goals.


Growth & Development

Personal and professional growth and development is an essential part of our work and culture. Each of us has an opportunity to learn and grow, thus improving everyday skills and the services we offer to our clients.
  • Personal skills. Nurturing personal growth is of great importance to all of us; we want to reach our potential while being supportive colleagues.
  • Professional skills. Active feedback, mentorship, and coaching are the methods we use to strengthen our skills, indispensable for our work. We invest in our internal know-how by sharing knowledge, collaboration, and education.
  • Creativity and innovation are the basis of everything we do, so we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.



We are aware of ourselves, our needs, and the needs of our clients. Aware individuals, who own their actions and know what they are responsible for, add value not only to the work but uplift the whole company. Changes start within ourselves, and that is why we have integrated these principles into our daily work:
  • We are accountable. We take accountability for our actions and work results.
  • We are proactive. We want to improve our lives and find new and creative solutions, for work and us personally.
  • We are solution-oriented. Each challenge has multiple solutions, and our goal is to find the best one in every challenge that we face.
  • We are honest and authentic. Honest and transparent communication is a recipe for success. It is the basis for all our relationships, internal and external.
  • Open, honest, and respectful feedback. Feedback is the foundation of our interpersonal relationships. Together with open and transparent communication and mutual respect, we grow by giving each other feedback and learning from it.
  • Mutual respect. Each team member and client is treated with respect. This includes respecting the emotions and needs of the other person, as well as our own.
  • We are flexible. We adapt each day to our colleagues, tasks, processes, and client requirements. With a positive attitude, we help ourselves and the people around us. Positive energy is woven into all team members and spread to our clients.
  • Belonging and security. By respecting and appreciating each other, we have a sense of belonging to the eWyse team.

Through an accountability culture, we aim to provide our clients with the best collaboration experience, offered by supportive and enthusiastic team members, and be the world’s best eLearning agency in terms of services and work environment.