We Are Our Culture
And That Culture Is Accountability

Each second we work together, our eWyse accountability culture is nurtured from each corner of our homes. It is our intrinsic drive upon which we thrive. We actively seek solutions to overcome challenges and initiate advancements of our processes. Innovations are welcome, and creativity called upon. And we know that none of it is possible without our humanity: we talk, we share, we cry, we laugh. Together.


We are open

Everyone’s opinion is valued and we communicate openly, even if it’s a bad joke day. It goes on all levels, in all directions. Feedback is strived for, processes transparent, and our mental health balanced.


We grow

Knowing how our actions are connected to the end result is the key to our advancement, which can be a bumpy ride. Thus we learn on the way to success and are not afraid to fall – there’s always an eWyser to catch you. Our actions are owned and accomplishments recognized – cakes, poems, initiatives – all things eWyse!


We are passionate

How can we go about this challenge differently? We try to see things from different perspectives and go that extra mile to feed our inner creativity that’s just waiting to pop out. We live the change we want to see in the world.


We act

We act on our ideas and plans, we act on our principles. When in distress, we actively seek solutions. Most importantly – humanity: we always act in a genuine and respectful way, and know we are there to support each other – in a mindblowing brainstorm or a hot shot of coffee chat.

How We Live Each Day

Knowing The True Value Are The People, Atmosphere, And Recognition.

Providing strength, encouragement, and confidence makes us stick together. Our thoughts are heard, opinions valued, and achievements recognized.
We accept each other as we are. Kind of like ideal love couples, really.
No need for Otis or Aretha to drop the knowledge – we’re already in the know! Respect is the bedrock of our relationships, in words and actions.
We know and love Murphy’s law, and so we cope with it with pink glasses on. Goodbye, Challenge – hello, Opportunity!

Jokes that can drop jaws and punchlines that hit harder than a heavyweight champion – yup, we have those.

Foundation. Information is transparently presented, and kindness and respect are the underlying fundaments of all utterances.

We let our minds wander to a world of alternative solutions and discover remote associations. This is how we overcome challenges.

Making each team member feel wanted, heard, and appreciated is how we make eWyse homey.
The pillars of our strength: Stability, Security, Integrity, and Balance. Our solid foundation for success.