eWyse Case Study

“Techsoup’s collaboration with eWyse and their broad set of experts helped create and curate relevant solutions and share lessons that will impact communities around the world”

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Techsoup is a non-profit international network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs,) that offers technical assistance and technological tools to other nonprofits.

Working at a nonprofit  or civil society organisation, the majority of your day-to-day efforts are focused on improving lives in your local community, or around the world. So, how do you get the technology resources you need to accomplish your mission?

At TechSoup, they offer the knowledge and resources, skills necessary to unleash the potential of technology for social good.

“We imagine a world in which social change agents from all walks of life can fully access the profound power of technology and a connected world and use it to improve lives.”

Quote from TechSoup web

As a nonprofit, they rely on institutional investment to expand and innovate their services. Their grantors provide the funds and collaboration, allowing TechSoup to pilot new programs and serve new communities.

TechSoup’s goal is to build a dynamic bridge that facilitates the development and implementation of technological solutions for a more just and equitable society.

TechSoup needed the implementation of a full solution scope to be created. They saw the Learning Management System (LMS) Course creation and localisation as the answer to their needs. A new eLearning partner needed to be found for their implementation, and it was indisputable that eWyse was the perfect vendor for implementing the all-in-one eLearning course solutions.

At eWyse, engaging, educational and custom designed tailored courses are provided in an across the board package.


Content, being the most important factor for TechSoup’s audience, needed to be developed and adjusted by Subject Matter Experts first (SME’s). Once the content was tweaked and fine-tuned by the SME’s, it was then forwarded to eWyse and their team of experts to provide clear and concise content that needed to be comprehensive and engaging, yet sensitive and compassionate.

Waiting for confirmation and approval while adhering to TechSoups vital security requirements was of significant importance to eWyse.

With a global footprint, mixed distribution channels and frequent product updates, the existing offline training methods struggled to meet the needs of the business. In order to keep employees, customers and end users up-to-date with the relevant product information, any new training solution needed to accommodate multiple languages, a widely dispersed, growing audience and a variety of user needs.  In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to all face-to-face training, industry events and trade fairs, so the incentive to move product training online had never been greater.  


To lead such complex projects, with numerous deliverables and stakeholders, eWyse uses their incontestable and unique 3C framework.

Through this Triple Control Network: the Creative Control, Process Control and Financial Control, TechSoup was able to oversee and control each creative process of creational design. Every eLearning solution was created to tailor to TechSoup’s needs, and the methods were specifically chosen to fit target audiences.

This approach allowed for complete control during all development phases, which in turn effectively reduced the time, costs and labour that would have otherwise been spent had it been a  self-made endeavour.

Special attention was given to course localization; diversifying and conforming to the needs of non-English speakers, so eWyse translated the course to seven different languages. This proved to be the ideal way to enhance communication and maximize comprehension, making the course accessible and effective to all.

Our learning approach proved to be constructive and beneficial, as in the example of the Moodboard phase.
We originally envisioned a detective, but in compliance with the SME’s , we went for a more lenient character, who would be more in accordance with the message of the course. We decided to go with the journalist character; a perfect representation of freedom of speech and people’s rights to not be surveilled and tracked.”

Karmela Peček,
Instructional Designer at eWyse Agency


Because both parties were very responsive and adaptive, and communication from both sides proved to be of vital importance to the project’s success. This effective project communication ensured that both eWyse and TechSoup contributed to the project to their fullest extent, not only to meet, but also going above and beyond all expectations.

Deliverables-oriented project plans and efficient communication complemented each other in a way that ensured a keystone to success.

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