Digitalizing the US-RIA Compliance Landscape

CorporateNerd: eWyse Case Study

“Collaborating with your team has been a very positive experience, from the initial engagement through to the finalization of our eLearning project. Initially, I harbored concerns regarding the transition from traditional to digital learning, especially in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of our compliance training. However, the professionalism and expertise of your team quickly allayed these fears.”
Gary Steve Nelson
Principal Consultant at CorporateNerd


A Florida-based compliance consultancy company, CorporateNerd has been reaching the US Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) with their compliance programs since 2019. This group of selected Certified Compliance Professionals has extensive experience in the financial services industry.

Their expertise and commitment to excellence is manifested through the alliance with a network of seasoned professionals deeply understanding the RIA’s challenges (Reyman Law Group, FIN Compliance, and National Regulatory Services). This results in the delivery of holistic, comprehensive compliance programs and regulatory support services.

“The CorporateNerd brand operates under trust, transparency, and providing excellent solutions tailored to their clients’ needs. That was ‘it’ for us: the connection with a client was immediately there, as we are completely aligned in our values and approach to business. From that point on, adapting annual compliance training to the eLearning format was a natural step forward in our relationship.“
Sara Vidić
Office/Operations Manager at eWyse


In the US financial landscape, the RIA community has long prioritized traditional annual compliance training methods. At CorporateNerd, the logistical and resource-related difficulties associated with conducting annual compliance training in person have been recognized as yet another opportunity for growth and innovation.

The coordination required for in-person sessions was proving inefficient and problematic, which prompted the company to search for an alternative solution to mitigate these issues. Developing an eLearning course emerged as a viable option.

“I found eWyse, an agency that stood out because of its unique approach characterized by the 3Cs: Creative Control, Process Control, and Financial Control. This model ensured that I could maintain creative direction over the content, have a structured and transparent process in place, and keep a tight rein on budgeting, all of which were key to transitioning smoothly from traditional methods to an effective eLearning strategy.”

Gary Steve Nelson
Principal Consultant at CorporateNerd

The transition from traditional to all-digital eLearning methods had to be with the right eLearning partner. Furthermore, it was imperative for the new eLearning course to strike a delicate equilibrium between captivating curiosity and fostering active participation on one hand, and adhering to the rigorous professional benchmarks expected from a certified annual training program on the other. In the landscape of changing regulations, the annual compliance program still had to maintain flexibility in terms of content updates.


Having found eWyse to be the right fit, CorporateNerd ventured on a journey of digitalization, which will forever change the course of their business. eWyse created a bespoke eLearning course that would stand in place of annual in-person training, which is regulated as obligatory for RIAs in the USA.
“As CorporateNerd was planning to come out with this course ‘with a bang’, finding the appropriate tone of voice and content selection has been challenging from the writing perspective – our aim was to create a distinctive and memorable piece. But, as Gary and the CorporateNerd have been indeed the perfect client, we found our communication exceptional, channeling mutual contribution to the overall course evolution.”

Tamara Tomek,
Learning Architect at eWyse Agency

The initial raw materials provided by the client underwent restructuring to align with the fundamental principles of eLearning. This involved the meticulous organization of content into distinct modules, with each module complemented by corresponding activities.

The purpose of these (inter)activities was to contextualize the presented content and engage the learner in a critical decision-making process. Several interactive exercises were integrated in the course, so as to maintain learners’ focus and participation.

“The working process was seamless and highly organized, characterized by clear communication and regular updates. Your team’s approach to project management made it easy for us to track progress and provide feedback, ensuring that the final product aligned with our specific needs and expectations.”
Gary Steve Nelson
Principal Consultant at CorporateNerd
The overall course feel was maintained as professional. This was achieved through meticulous attention to design subtleties, which strategically utilized a moderate color palette and incorporated elegant course elements. These design choices were not only aesthetically pleasing but also served to ensure that the essence of the CorporateNerd brand remained prominent.
“Since day one, we have strived to maintain a culture of transparent communication. Design guidelines were set at an early stage, thanks to our 3C framework. Nevertheless, it cannot be overstated how important ongoing communication and active engagement from the Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) is. CorporateNerd’s openness to new solutions and hearing different perspectives not only enriched our collaborative process but also played a crucial role in avoiding potential technical pitfalls in connection to certification, which was taken extremely seriously in this case of annual certified program.”
Karmela Peček
Lead Instructional Designer at eWyse


Prior to collaboration with eWyse, the client’s consulting business faced significant challenges in delivering efficient and engaging compliance training.

The transition to eWyse’s eLearning solutions has equipped their business with several valuable assets:

  • Enhanced Learning Engagement: The client’s compliance training has been revolutionized with dynamic and interactive modules, a stark departure from the conventional, less engaging in-person sessions. A significant boost in employee involvement and knowledge retention is anticipated as a result.
  • Scalability and Accessibility: Scalable training solutions that learners can access anytime and anywhere, breaking the limitations of time and geography that the client faced with traditional training methods will further enhance the quality of their compliance services.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By shifting to eLearning, CorporateNerd has significantly reduced the costs associated with in-person training, such as travel, venue, and instructor fees. This newfound efficiency allowed the client to reallocate resources strategically, directing investments towards vital areas of their operations.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Collaborating with eWyse on developing the Compliance Training Course has seamlessly integrated with the CorporateNerd’s Learning Management System (LMS). As a result, armed with this information, they can make informed decisions and promptly adapt their training strategies to ensure continued relevance and impact.
  • Customized Content: The ability to customize and update content as needed ensures that the training materials are always current and relevant to the industry’s evolving compliance standards.

Our client has reported that the overall gain from this collaboration has been substantial, providing them with modern, efficient, and effective training solutions that have improved compliance, reduced costs, and enhanced employee learning experiences.

“I would like to add that the experience of working with eWyse has been exceptional. I am more than satisfied with the outcomes and am looking forward to a long-term working relationship. The synergy between our teams and the continued support from eWyse have been instrumental in our success, and I am grateful for the positive impact this collaboration has had on our business.”

Gary Steve Nelson
Principal Consultant at CorporateNerd

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