Careers At eWyse
Embark On A Mind-Blowing Journey

eWyse is a fast-growing eLearning agency with ambitious plans for future expansions. If you can see your raw talent growing with us, we would love to hear from you. But let’s not kid ourselves: certain postulates are undebatable on our part.

Our corporate culture encourages Accountable Proactivity. This means that we take active accountability for our behavior, initiate advancements of existing processes, and actively seek solutions to various everyday and unexpected challenges. If you have it in you, you value everyday feedback, appreciate open and transparent communication, and want to grow and develop in one of the world’s best eLearning agencies that works with prominent companies and brands all over the globe. Only then are we the right fit.

We have and expect plenty of it. Knowing that only happy collectives can be successful, we are on the lookout for future colleagues who share our values and feel our culture in their bones. So, if you can embrace our diversity and honor our culture, no doubt we’re in for the long run. We’ll send you custom gifs, write the best verses, and share the heaviest burdens — and expect you’ll respect us nonetheless!

In the ocean of optimism and tides of humor, our daily challenges are but mere microscopic plankton. We’re no masters of comedy and like to think that there’s no such thing as a bad joke. All we know is that laughter keeps our wheels greased.

Six Steps To Become An eWyser

Hello To New Beginnings

Our selection process is guided by the idea of finding people who are the ideal match for the job by combining your competencies and values and our corporate culture. Just as all the other processes at eWyse, it is very transparent.

The process is adjusted based on whether the position you’re applying to was advertised by us, whether we are headhunting, or whether you sent an open application. In general, our selection process consists of several rounds:

You send us your CV and, if possible, a motivation letter. In it, tell us why eWyse interests you and why you think we could be a great match. After that, please give us some time to analyze it – we promise we’ll get back to you, regardless of our decision! If we’re good, we perform a brief professional assessment.
We are usually on the lookout for learning architects, who write creative content for our eLearning courses, and instructional designers, who turn that content into visually interesting and often animated stories. Therefore, to get better acquainted with your style of writing or designing, we usually send a short task just to see the way your brain works. After that, we set up an interview with our HR sensei.
In the interview, we ask about your experience and motivation, and we answer all your questions about the job.
We will send you a 15-minute questionnaire in order to assess in more detail if we are a match.
During this conversation, you and your potential managers get to know each other to see if we are a good match. After the conversation, we will choose the person that, considering everything, best fits the role they applied for. No need for nervous coffee spills here, we’re a nice company.
If we decide to hire you, we will send you a letter of offer with all the necessary details.


Motion Graphics and Multimedia Designer for eLearning