Winning is actually quite a nice

When I heard the infamous Charlie Sheen repeating his catch-phrase,” winning,” ad nauseam, I felt a little sick myself. But, as it turns out, winning is actually quite a nice – and it’s something we have done again in the past few days. eWyse was ranked 6th in the top eLearning providers for Rapid eLearning development (the fast, efficient and, frankly, most important skill an eLearning agency can acquire). This was out of a total of 532 agencies who are registered on the international portal, Elearning Industry. Rapid eLearning is highly relevant to companies around the world now, as it allows them to train and upskill their employees faster or promote their messages to an audience with more frequency. This is often vital if there is a need to move in-line with ever-changing legislation, to promote a new product under tight deadlines or when a company in a fast-moving industry, such as IT or retail, has to keep employees up to speed with any internal changes.The production of Rapid eLearning courses is not an easy process to manage, but we succeed thanks to our well-established ‘3C’ control processes that allow for better communication with our clients’ key stakeholders. This leads to the delivery of highly effective and captivating courses that hit the clients’ needs from the get-go. Feel free to contact us to find out more. Oh, and any reference to Charlie Sheen is strictly forbidden 🙂