Will it blend?

Do you remember that TV show called “Will it blend”? Or if you’re a millennial, let me rephrase that question: do you remember those YouTube clips with the guy who blended iPhone?

If you do…then let us say that guy is our hero. When we grow up, we want to be like him.

But hey. We did grow up. And we are like him – we blend things too.

Maybe not iPhones, selfie sticks, shoes…but we do have a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to blending the ways and the methods of learning.

Magic happens when you combine eLearning (digital) and workshops (Face to Face). You create a whole new level of learning experience that really has the best of both worlds.

We, as an agency, do a lot of things for our clients when it comes to blended learning. We usually receive a lot of materials (books, eBooks, PDFs, PPTs, …) which need to be organized in some way.

Our Learning Architects start by carefully reading all of it and creating the main architecture: what is going to be presented through eLearning and what through F2F workshops.

Then we move on to the development of each segment. Our designers, developers, copywriters, learning architects, voice-over artists…. They all use their knowledge, expertise and best practices to give you the greatest end result. And the end result is eLearning course and various materials needed for F2F part (PowerPoint presentations, trainers manuals, guidebooks…). If necessary, we even organize Train the trainer class.

And the proof that we are doing it right is the fact that we are elected #12 on the list of “Top eLearning Content providers for Blended Learning 2019”.

We couldn’t be happier! 🙂