Who is an instructional designer?

Once a learning architect creates your learning strategy and your eLearning storyboard – a document used to describe the visuals, text and audio elements, interactions, and navigation that will be used in an eLearning course, the instructional designers take over the development process. These creative individuals will make sure to turn all the learning architect’s ideas and solutions into engaging and effective learning experiences.

Learning Technology Experience

Instructional designers have the ability to create, develop and share learning content using a variety of technology. They have knowledge of a number of Learning Management Systems that are dependent on organizational needs. Whether these Learning Management Systems are mobile or cloud-based, instructional designers got you covered.

Visual and Artistic Talents

One of the most important skills an instructional designer should have is the knowledge of how to use visual design tools. In order to create imagery out of ideas and present the facts in an interesting and engaging way, instructional designers need to tap into their creativity. Oftentimes, storytelling is also a part of the instructional designer’s skillset since the building of various learning courses requires keeping consistent brand images. So, whatever their task may be, rest assured that these creative individuals will come up with unique and exciting ideas.

Analytical Ability

In order to understand whether the content and the design are reaching the target audience, instructional designers must possess the ability to characterize instructional objectives, decide steps to accomplish such objectives and distinguish students’ entry information and qualities. By asking questions like “who, what, where, when, and why”, they’re ensuring that the course being developed is suited both to your learner’s needs and to your organization’s needs.

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As technology continues to advance, eLearning and instructional design evolve. Keeping up with constant changes might seem daunting to some, but not to instructional designers. Their curious nature urges them to move forward and stay on top of new eLearning trends while being inquisitive allows them to adapt to the needs of clients who come from various industries rather quickly.


Instructional designers work closely with SMEs and key stakeholders to support and guide the design, development, and production of innovative learning solutions. Through their collaboration with key stakeholders, they will ensure that the content is adapted according to your branding guidelines and conveyed to the learners in the most stunning form.

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