Who is a Learning Architect?

Until recently, instructional designers and developers were the ones in charge of creating and delivering online courses, but as eLearning quickly evolved, the learners’ expectations got higher. Now, they no longer settle for monotonous and tiresome training but instead look for content that is engaging and meaningful, and this is where Learning Architects come into play.

These well-rounded professionals make learning simple, engaging, and accessible no matter what industry the content is coming from. They are here to ensure a thorough understanding of your project and your needs. With an eye on the big picture, they envision possibilities and present the concepts to your stakeholder.


By creating innovative learning solutions, learning architects provide unique and engaging experiences that capture students’ attention. Always on top of new learning trends and technologies such as immersive learning and gamification, they’ll seek the best educational content to support your organizational goals and increase learning and improvement. You can be sure your content won’t be forgotten any time soon.


Learning architects work closely with SMEs and key stakeholders to support and guide the design, development, and production of innovative learning solutions. Through their collaboration with key stakeholders, they will adapt content for online instruction, suggest relevant learning technologies, and develop course materials that support the stated learning objectives.


Not only can learning architects research and understand a wide range of information, but they can also visualize how to best convey that information to others in a digital form. On top of being a problem solver, a learning architect has strong consulting and project management skills that will help him or her structure a cost-effective learning plan for your organization.


Learning architects have a way with words. By building story-based experiences, they engage students’ thinking, emotions, and imagination all at once to create an immersive learning experience that doesn’t only make the course more informative but also more fun.

To sum it all up, learning architects are strategic partners who provide guidance and advice throughout the creation of your learning solutions. With them on your side, you’ll be able to structure and develop your courses in no time.

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