What is a Moodboard?

If you have ever done some creative work, the term moodboard must have come up during your research or planning. We can say that a moodboard is a tool that is useful in most visual and design projects. But if you still have uncertainties connected to what a moodboard is or how to make one, keep on reading.

Moodboard in General

A moodboard is an excellent tool for visually presenting and planning any sort of design project. It helps you to visualize the overall mood (hence the moodboard), theme, and even the color scheme of the project. In short, it gives a glimpse into the style of the project – whether it is a more serious and formal one, or fun and spontaneous, with the neutral or bold color palette; with the moodboard you get the picture.

Benefits of Making a Moodboard

It might be hard to express all your creative ideas verbally when working on a project that has to have its unique look, so a moodboard comes in handy to present the visuals more clearly.

You’ve heard of the phrase – a picture is worth a thousand words, we can rephrase it into the following – a moodboard is worth a thousand words because it will save you the time and effort to explain your ideas. If you can’t explain it, show it!

Types of Moodboards

A moodboard can be physical or digital. Your choice of the type will probably depend on the type of project you have on your hands, your client’s expectations, the way in which you choose to present it, and so on. While the procedures to make them might differ, the general idea behind both types stays the same.

It is important to mention that there are ever more tools to help you create your digital moodboards, so feel free to explore.

How to Make it?

As mentioned, there are many tools to help you bring your moodboard to life, and which one you choose is up to you. However, there are a few general steps you can follow while making your moodboard.

First, you should decide which tone and style would fit your project the best. You should gather all the information that can help you decide, and then you can brainstorm how to achieve the desired effect. Then, you should collect or create different visual elements that will help you convey your message and help both you and your clients to visualize the direction of the project. Don’t be shy to use everything that comes to your mind, from images, to samples, to different fonts and sounds. Only the sky’s the limit!

Finally, take a step back to assess what you have done and decide whether you should add or remove something, and your moodboard is ready to be presented!

Moodboard in eLearning

As eLearning relies on exciting visual interactions to keep the attention of learners, a moodboard is a beneficial tool in the process of the creation of eLearning courses. It helps the clients visualize the look and feel of their future course.

It also helps the designers to create courses that fit the general image and brand of the company. Even more specifically, a moodboard can be helpful for the clients to preview a lot of visual details that are a vital part of the course – from the avatars that are going to be used in the course to the clickable buttons, symbols, and images in general.

Therefore, a moodboard can be extremely cost-saving as any changes that need to be made regarding any of the visual details can be made prior to the actual course production.

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