To move or not to move

After strategic decision to change business direction from classical facilitator led trainings mainly focused on Croatian market toward development of digital E-learning content we realized that this change is not going to be the only one.

Despite huge time investment in acquiring new knowledge and new skills development in order to link them with our respectable years of experience in development and delivering standard classroom trainings one more thing needed to be done.

It is common knowledge that curriculum development is a highly creative job, but curriculum development in digital form requires vast more amount of creative recourses! Having that on mind, and knowing that working environment strongly influences creative production, we decided to try out HUB385, known as the hottest Croatian digital hot spot!

From the first day we moved in, the benefit of the decision became obvious. Here are the list of some of them.


On disposition there is a multi-functional, modern designed working space which used in different combinations perfectly suits all our needs. On more than 2500 m2 there are plenty of open & closed spaces, with or without glass walls (suitable option if you have secret meetings :-)). The place which is maybe the most important for us is academy room which gives us the possibility to work with all kinds of audience, from presenting hot stuff from education branch to delivering facilitator led trainings to our clients. But there is one room which we use a little bit more often than the academy room. You probably guess it is a kitchen :-). Yes, hard work burns a lot of calories which need to be filled up very frequently! Feel free to join us from time to time.




Nothing can boost your business better than a good networking can. Each new project in EdTech business requires unique set of experts involved in order to produce quality final products for the client. There is no better thing if you have plenty of experts under the same roof. Our neighbors are companies covering vast span of business areas, starting from digital marketing agencies, designers for different areas, ICT experts, lawyers, digital media publishers, and many more…all one EdTech company as eWyse might need. And the good thing is that more and more companies are still moving in! We’re looking forward to get to know each one of them better.




Our slogan is “Delivering Knowledge 24/7” which is what we do, it’s our core business, but in order to make it a success we need to learn even more. HUB385 is a great place for knowledge exchange. At the HUB385 Academy, we have a privilege to participate on different events, conferences, round tables, seminars and all other types of learning opportunities on a weekly basis. Gathering and sharing knowledge is one of the key missions of founders of HUB385 and you can bet we’ll use this opportunity to the fullest.



The real value of each work can be measured in how much of benefit this work can produce for somebody else. This “somebody” in commercial world is a client, but sometimes it is a real challenge to become noticed by potential client especially if the client is abroad. Therefore, another benefit of Networking in HUB385 comes into play. In eWyse we are focused on global worldwide market, and since many of our neighbor companies works on a different foreign markets, sharing specific experiences from different countries started from a first day we moved in. Our experience on international market comes from being a franchise part of a big multinational company operating in more than 50 countries, and yes, we are ready to share our experience with others too.



There is always someone who knows something you don’t know or someone who already passed before through the situation you are passing today. So, having a good mentor can be of a crucial thing for someone’s personal development. Here in the hub, we have enough senior experts who are willing to help and support each individual who is willing to ask. We are not ashamed to ask, and some of us already asked :-). Our experience is positive, therefore we believe this is the right way, and continuing with this practice will produce aligned result.


Working climate or as we call it culture of the organization

As training & consulting company, one of our areas of expertise is organizational culture. Our HUB just started to operate two months ago, we can say that this is ideal situation for starting to build appropriate organizational (HUB) culture from the scratch. We in eWyse know that “Culture of Accountability” is the best organizational culture, and based on our experience so far we can say that management of the HUB is on the right track. Of course, regarding this area, we’re ready to give our contribution.




After detailed analysis of our strategic decision to move to HUB385, we can conclude that this was a smart move!

So, world, are you ready for synergic impact as an output of all described before?

We definitely are!


Mario Buljan

CEO eWyse