Thank you

When people are talking about “great working environment”, what are they actually talking about?

Getting a nice paycheck? Sure, that’s important.

But is that all?

Of course not.

Then, what else?

Well, you want to have a great team around you – people who are working together for mutual good. People who are ready to give and receive feedback. And even more importantly – people who have left their ego somewhere else and came to work with an open mind.

You can consider yourself lucky if you have the chance to constantly better yourself. To improve. To learn. To grow. There is no better feeling but to see the positive change in you. And, oh what a joy it is if you are encouraged to do so.

But there is one more thing. Getting recognized for being amazing in what you do. When someone objectively sees your work and is amazed by it, then friend – you got it all!

You got yourself a great working environment!

That is why we are happy, humbled, proud and honored to be featured on “20 Top eLearning Content Providers for Microlearning 2019”.


We are proud of what we have accomplished but we also feel great responsibility not to stay here, at this level, but to improve ourselves even more. We will learn new things, follow new trends, and we will move forward.

Because, being featured on the list is for us great accomplishment and great responsibility which we will gladly accept 🙂

And to our clients – Thank you! Thank you for the opportunity to lead you through the exciting world of eLearning! We couldn’t have done this without you!