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eWyse: A Name Rooted in Ancient Wisdom

Summary: Explore the inspiration and wisdom that led to the name of our eLearning company, eWyse. Discover the story behind our name and logo and what sets us apart. Are

An Ode to eWyse

What could better reflect our team spirits than an unexpected depiction of our company retreat? From the heart, through verse, taste a pinch of our universe. We went to Pupitres

Who is an instructional designer?

Once a learning architect creates your learning strategy and your eLearning storyboard – a document used to describe the visuals, text and audio elements, interactions, and navigation that will be

What is a Storyboard?

When you are writing something, you might have a use out of making a storyboard. It is a helpful tool that can be used in various professions whenever you have

Who is a Learning Architect?

Until recently, instructional designers and developers were the ones in charge of creating and delivering online courses, but as eLearning quickly evolved, the learners’ expectations got higher. Now, they no

What is a Moodboard?

If you have ever done some creative work, the term moodboard must have come up during your research or planning. We can say that a moodboard is a tool that

Microlearning 101: An Evolving eLearning Trend

Microlearning has a promising future in the learning and development sphere. It is a highly efficient strategy for anyone looking to improve their knowledge and skills in a short space

Experiential Learning in Online Courses

Experiential learning is an educational approach that focuses on the real-life application of concepts learned in the classroom. The goal is to require students to integrate their knowledge by solving

Gamification For Learning: Strategies And Examples

Gamification is the process of using game elements in a non-game context. It has many advantages over traditional learning approaches, including: Increasing learner motivation levels, Improving knowledge retention, Better learner


Management Consulting Firms & eLearning Agencies

Management Consulting Firms & eLearning Agencies – A Perfect Partnership? Written By Alexander Perko from eWyse The growth of the management consultancy industry is expected to continue unabated, with revenues

This picture shows people who are involved in the interview

Exploring culture and creating trust

Exploring Culture and Creating Trust Q&A with Mario Buljan from eWyse Interviewed By Kay Littlehales from Futureproof-ED Consultancy Ltd So, each month Futureproof-ED take some valuable time out of the

eWyse agency on RTL television

It was fun talking about our work from home experience that includes meetings across the Zoom platform. Thank you RTL Direkt for having us, we had a blast!

Interview With Infobip

Time to Learn Q&A with Mario Buljan from eWyse Interviewed By Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec from Infobip Q: How can learners and educators adapt faster to work and school from home?

Winning is actually quite a nice

When I heard the infamous Charlie Sheen repeating his catch-phrase,” winning,” ad nauseam, I felt a little sick myself. But, as it turns out, winning is actually quite a nice

Will it blend?

Do you remember that TV show called “Will it blend”? Or if you’re a millennial, let me rephrase that question: do you remember those YouTube clips with the guy who

Thank you

When people are talking about “great working environment”, what are they actually talking about? Getting a nice paycheck? Sure, that’s important. But is that all? Of course not. Then, what

eWyse Service Commitment

We commit to fully understand your needs. In order to satisfy your needs, we must fully understand them first. We will listen to you, we will ask about your problems, we

eLearning for the sake of eLearning

I surveyed a couple of people what was the first thing that came up in their mind when they hear “corporate elearning content”. Results were mostly variations of the following:

Implementing Hospitality Online Training

Implementing Hospitality Online Training The Hospitality industry needs a great deal of training (and inspiration). Besides the same-old click-next-way of organizing your eLearning course, you might want to include simple,

eLearning in Hospitality – THE TIME IS NOW

Almost half of the most successful companies, those from Fortune 500 list, already use e-learning. E-learning takes 40 – 60% less time than instructor-based programs, saves up to 50% of

How to do a thorough need analysis in e-learning

If you want to design and develop great e-learning, first step is figuring out what your clients wants and needs. Big companies with highly developed processes and human resource strategies

To move or not to move

After strategic decision to change business direction from classical facilitator led trainings mainly focused on Croatian market toward development of digital E-learning content we realized that this change is not

How to Influence Others?

One of the most common principles of human culture is the principle of reciprocity. It simply states that a person is obliged to return what he has received from others.

Is the Comfort Zone Really Comfortable?

In the below lines I am going to challenge you to stop for a minute and think about the well-known phrase that says «Great things never came from comfort zones». The majority of

Culture and (is) Education

Education plays an important role in our lives and has as well a huge impact on culture and society. However, I would like to emphasize the other way around in