Why summer is the best time to implement your learning strategy

It’s the peak of the summer, especially in Croatia where everybody casually moves to Adriatic coast. Those of us who stay inland can enjoy Instagram and Snapchat stories while taking some time to improve our skills and finish those projects that have been sitting in a dusty, dark corner of desktop.
Currently, Zagreb is empty, there are no people, working atmosphere is positive, there are no hundreds of tasks each day and the whole environment has this easy summer vibe.
Whether you are making a learning strategy for your company or you want to catch up on your personal learning plan, summer is the perfect time to expand your horizons and here’s why.

Everything is easy – going
Less stress at work, your colleagues are mostly on vacation and you have the whole office to yourself. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Use that extra free time you have to read a good article, learn more about the trends in your business or finish that e-learning course you have been taking.


Meet new people
Meeting new people is the basics of social learning. If you are traveling, working or enjoying the beach, try meeting all the new people you can. And then, learn from them. People have interesting lives, they do different stuff and possess vast knowledge. Get new information, expand your network, find inspiration in other’s ideas and work.

Your boss will appreciate it
Sometime around September is when everything starts to be crazy again. You will come back from vacation well rested and ready to rock, but showing your boss and colleagues that you invested some time to develop new skills and knowledge will definitely give you an extra credit. If your HR manager gave you learning tasks for the summer, do them. Especially if it’s e-learning which you can take in the plane or at the beach. Being proactive will be show your team that you are prepared.

Summer doesn’t have to be wasted. Use your tablet or your phone to read, listen or play some good content. Don’t sit at work dreaming about waves and cocktails – plan ahead, educate yourself, learn a new skill and have fun along the way.

Maja Katinić