Solution-Based Learning Take 2: The Tale of the Swollen Cheek

We like good stories here at eWyse, so let’s start off with one: imagine a killing toothache and a swollen cheek.

This would probably happen on a weekend, that’s how life goes. Only then Mondays deserve happy songs.

You visit your dentist, and – great – they jump right on it: “Let’s smash the cavity. Let’s smash it with nothing less than a golden dental filling.” The killing pain is gone and your tooth is bright and shiny. Yet you slowly start feeling tingles by the end of the day.

Tingles turn to knives, knives to axes, and, before you know it, you are sleepless in pain. Moreover, you paid the earth for the filling – not so golden anymore, ay?

In-depth diagnostics could have saved you time and money, and brought you a careless, pain-free smile: you needed a tooth extraction. That’s the only effective solution.

This is what happens when businesses jump into course creation.
This is why you need Solution-Based Learning.

The Solution-Based Learning is the diagnostic master of eLearning denture. The approach includes not only the production of eLearning courses but also an in-depth analysis of present issues prior to the course development. This way, solutions are built around the analysis, so as to deliver the right remedy. The therapy can be modified – our teams set quantifiable goals at the beginning of the journey, the measuring of which facilitates making informed decisions on what to improve. This plasticity makes Solution-Based Learning a revolutionary approach.

Just like in our story, sometimes rushing into golden fillings only worsens the situation. A powerful tool of Needs Analysis is a clever investment with great ROI – pinpointing the right issues is the only way to tailor effective solutions. At times, the Needs Analysis will show that an eLearning course is the right option; at other times, the answers lie somewhere else, and that’s okay, too.

(Oh, yes, eLearning Industry and we also have an eBook about it – you can read it here!)

Author: Tamara Tomek

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