eWyse Service Commitment

  1. We commit to fully understand your needs.

    In order to satisfy your needs, we must fully understand them first. We will listen to you, we will ask about your problems, we will research with you. Once we fully understand what you need us to do and what problems you are trying to solve:

  1. We commit to always treat you individually.

    We will not use shortcuts and we will not “recycle” previous ideas. You are important to us and therefore, we are going to create a custom solution tailored to your needs. A happy customer is our greatest marketing tool.

  1. We commit to always be frank, professional and objective. 

    You will not hire a bunch of yes-men. We will always give you our professional opinion and suggestions. Naturally, you will make the final decision that we will fully respect, but we are committed to helping you along that way. We believe our job is to inform you about every aspect of the task and every risk that may come along the way. This is the only way you can arrive at the best informed decision.

  1. We commit to always be transparent.

    We will give you a clear explanation of our price and proposed timeline. We will answer all of your questions in detail and we will explain the task we need to do.

  1. We commit to always keep you informed.

    We don’t believe in surprises. We believe in regular reporting and good project management. At the beginning of our cooperation, you will receive our standard Project Management Questionnaire (how often would you like to be informed about the status of the project, how do you prefer to be informed, who is your contact person…) so that we can inform you the way you want to be informed.

  1. We commit to always go that extra mile.

    Received payment is not our measure of success. Our measure of success is how often we hear our favourite line from our clients: “Amazing! Beyond my expectations!”

  1. We commit to always respond to your feedback.

    And to improve from it.

  1. We commit to always keep current for you.

    And to use the latest technologies, tools and best practices. We commit to keep learning and improving for the sake of our clients and their projects.


We strive to establish a long-term relationship with you based on trust and value. In order to do that, all of our employees and subcontractors are obligated to follow the principles set in this Service Commitment.

In case you have a suggestion or a complaint, send us an email to [email protected]. (And yes, our CEO really reads those emails.)