Implementing Hospitality Online Training

Implementing Hospitality Online Training

The Hospitality industry needs a great deal of training (and inspiration). Besides the same-old click-next-way of organizing your eLearning course, you might want to include simple, yet super-effective perks that can be a real game changer. With a more effective Hospitality online training program, happier employees and happier guests are only a few clicks away!

Hospitality Online Training: Basics Will Do, But We Want It To Rock!

Once you’ve made the decision to implement eLearning in your company you’re already well on the way to achieving better results, in terms of increased revenue, happier clients, satisfied employees, and a more easily manageable training process. Whilst maintaining the same Hospitality online training standards, you can educate more people, more quickly, in any company location, anywhere in the world. But you can do so much more.

Maybe you’re familiar with the old joke: “Why is TV is such a super invention? Because if you close your eyes it sounds just like the radio.”

Do you see where I’m going with this analogy?

Yes, eLearning may take away elements of live training like group dynamics and live interaction, but it brings so many absolutely new and amazing ways to structure and present content, drawing and illustrations, videos, voice-overs, texts, animations, and much more. It can be playful, gamified, or game-based. New trends include virtual reality classrooms (totally cool), or the creation of augmented reality cheat-sheet apps (from a problem to competence in one click of a mouse).

A Learning Management System (LMS) can be designed to look like your grandma’s recipe book, with yellowing pages and old-fashioned script – if that’s what your restaurant is into, and that’s the message and value you want to share. Or you might use a minimalistic, fashion magazine layout, making it appealing to your young and stylish team. You get the idea.

Of course, you could just ignore all the benefits and make a radio out of a TV… but that’s just an old joke, right?

Divergent Thinking Applied

The process of creating sensational online training courses is both affordable and accessible, and you can go on to use them in non-conventional ways, enriching and refreshing your company’s Training and Development program and in turn making huge positive impacts on revenue, as well as client and employee satisfaction. An e-course is so much more than mechanistically replacing trainer-based learning in 1:1 ratio; day by day, leading companies are hacking eLearning into a powerful source of 21st-century solutions.

The affordable price and reasonably simple process of creating stunning eLearning courses make it possible to use eLearning options in non-conventional ways, enriching and refreshing some aspects of your business and in turn making huge positive impacts in terms of revenue, client and employee satisfaction. Instead of implementing eLearning mechanistically, simply replacing trainer-based learning in 1:1 ratio with an e-course, every day we see how leading companies hack it into powerful source of 21st century super-solutions.

eLearning shares the zeitgeist of the start-up economy – with minimal investment and just a few clicks and tweaks here and there you can generate an enormous return. The power of technology easily overcomes challenges that previously were hard to resolve. Seasonality and stuff turnover – no worries; anytime they join your company, they can have all the training on tap. Language barrier? Solved. Pas de problème! Your eLearning programs can easily be made multilingual, so all your employees all over the world can enjoy the same training, and you can even create eLearning programs that will teach your employees the different languages they need in their daily job.

Using online webinars, tour operators can inform (their) agents anywhere in the world. Modern technology can show them every detail of a room, or a beach; they can join in the adventures that are the part of your offer via video clips, see how the food is prepared… and guess what? – negotiate with more enthusiasm and competence, vividly describing a holiday without ever leaving the office.

Chefs are the most in-demand professionals in the Hospitality industry. Can we help your chefs learn from the best (and turn more of them into top professionals)? Sure. Why not create your own cooking show – featuring a celebrity chef you admire (or even grandma, if she didn’t mind you pinching her recipe book!) who can teach and inspire? Everyone loves cooking shows, and your guests are going to love the new tastes generated by the enthusiasm and professional growth of your chefs.

Harnessing Technology To Get the Job Done

eLearning is based on a triangle formed by the right technology for your needs, great instructors to provide content, and your students / employees.

It is simultaneously amazingly simple and wonderfully complex. Creating great eLearning concepts is easy for the learning architect who is at the center of this triangle, but sometimes it can be hard to explain how it works overall. But here goes…

After getting all the necessary inputs from your company, the learning architect will combine the tools, platforms, and content into a learning system that is easy to use, easy to manage, and contains all the necessary features.

Well-chosen technology is one of the pillars of eLearning success. Not every solution has all the important features you might need. Each department of a Hospitality company may have slightly different needs, requiring specific ways of structuring, testing, and tracking. At the same time, you will need your platform to be unified and easily managed.

Weaving eLearning Into Your Organization’s Beautiful Tapestry Of Success

In the Hospitality business there is always something that needs to be done by yesterday. If chunks of your Hospitality online training courses are too long to slot neatly into employees’ already busy schedules, or made for the wrong platform, or if the learning has no direct impact on their success…it is understandable that eLearning might not be used as often and enthusiastically as we and you would love it to be.

Technical skills are important, but motivation, inspiration, and dovetailing eLearning into the routines and procedures of daily work are the real prerequisites of success. It is important not to be too dazzled by the bright lights of technology – where the important stuff is happening is still in real life, real people and the psychological, sociological and organizational levels of learning.

Hospitality online training must bring clear and measurable benefits to your employees – immediate applicability, adaptability, and potential for their professional growth and advancement. It is always a good idea to think ahead about how you can encourage people to become eager and life-long learners. Automatized options can be a great help: Sending reminders, counting up points, or combining sets of courses which match an employee’s position, pace, and interest in learning.

Relevant Experience In Live Training As A Rock-Solid Foundation For High-End e-Solutions?

Our agency’s approach toward the whole process of eLearning development is starting with needs assessment and content creation and continuing all the way through the choice of the right tools, technologies, and solutions to blend elegantly into a bespoke/personalized, sleek, and practical eLearning solution.

Our experience in live training is a particularly valuable asset; it helps us remain realistic and predict possible barriers in individual companies, whilst combining insights from our live training with our expertise in eLearning technologies. We look forward to serving you and helping you maximize returns on the money, effort, and time you will invest.


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