eWyse Content Development Skills Recognized Again in Global Award

eWyse Adobe elearning award team photo

eWyse’s entry has placed 3rd out of 50 top eLearning projects around the world in the recent, prestigious Adobe eLearning Design Award.

The Adobe eLearning Design Awards is a competition that was traditionally held solely in the United States. It was opened for the first time to a global audience this year, however, and attracted a huge number of hopeful competitors, so standards were incredibly high.

eWyse chose to submit a project using 360-degree technology – a kind of virtual reality that takes the learners through a series of locations and teaches them about the historical significance of these important places and events that might have occurred there. In this case, the featured ‘Revival’ project showcased a number of sites in Croatia and Italy and aimed to revitalize old, forgotten buildings, bringing their stories back to life in a captivating and inclusive way.

In May this year, we will be presenting the project at the Adobe ‘eLearning Unplugged’ conference, an event that will be open to some 250,000 members of the Adobe community.