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Who is an Instructional Designer?

Summary: In the ever-evolving field of online learning, a career in Instructional Design brings many rewards and challenges. We share an overview of the skills Instructional Designers need to have,

What is a Storyboard?

When you are writing something, you might have a use out of making a storyboard. It is a helpful tool that can be used in various professions whenever you have

Who is a Learning Architect?

Summary: In this blog, we answer some questions about eLearning professionals who are in charge of writing and editing content for eLearning solutions – Learning Architects. Find out all about

What is a Moodboard?

If you have ever done some creative work, the term moodboard must have come up during your research or planning. We can say that a moodboard is a tool that

Microlearning 101: An Evolving eLearning Trend

Microlearning has a promising future in the learning and development sphere. It is a highly efficient strategy for anyone looking to improve their knowledge and skills in a short space

Experiential Learning in Online Courses

Experiential learning is an educational approach that focuses on the real-life application of concepts learned in the classroom. The goal is to require students to integrate their knowledge by solving

Gamification For Learning: Strategies And Examples

Gamification is the process of using game elements in a non-game context. It has many advantages over traditional learning approaches, including: Increasing learner motivation levels, Improving knowledge retention, Better learner

Management Consulting Firms & eLearning Agencies

Management Consulting Firms & eLearning Agencies – A Perfect Partnership? Written By Alexander Perko from eWyse The growth of the management consultancy industry is expected to continue unabated, with revenues