What do bananas and storyboarding have in common?

Back in the day when we were kids, there was a cartoon about a ship stranded on a desert island. There was a crew, and a captain called Martha, but also – there was a great and skilled chef who tried his best to cook delicious meals for his crewmates. But, he had one problem – there was nothing on that island except – bananas. So what he was doing every single day was – announcing what he’s going to cook and it sounded amazing: lamb chops covered in honey glaze with sweet potato chips and season salad. And then, when the crew came to lunch, he would stand there and explained that he didn’t really had lamb chops….so he used bananas. And that there really was no honey glaze…so he used bananas. And that he couldn’t find season salad….so he used bananas.

Ladies and gentlemen, we used bananas too!!

As an eLearning agency with numerous satisfied clients and with a tangible proof that we are doing a great job (10 Noteworthy eLearning Content Development Companies For 2017) – we realised we (just like the chef in the cartoon) have a problem. If we talk in percentages, only 30% of our eLearning development process was created in tools made only and specifically for eLearning (authoring tools). And what about the rest of this process, what about those 70%??


We, and nobody else, didn’t have a specific, tailor-made for eLearning STORYBOARDING TOOL WHICH ALLOWS REAL TIME COLLABORATION WITH CLIENTS. So, we used what we had. What we managed to find. And, no disrespect – all of those tools we used (like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, various messaging tools, project management tools, clouds…) are indeed amazing tools! But they are not specifically made for this industry that we are in. So we found ourselves using like 10-15 different tools created for different target audiences and different types of projects. What that also means is that we ended up using only up to 30% of functionalities those tools have, because the rest just wasn’t working for us. And in all this, we realised it’s time to finally make those lamb chops covered in honey glaze with sweet potato chips and season salad!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please meet


Our main idea is to create “one for everything” tool, so instead of using a patchwork of 10- 15 different tools to cover 70% of your development process – you will use only Storygizer! It will allow you and your client to collaborate on outline and storyboard creation while giving you all the other functionalities that will allow you to work smarter, not harder.

We feel the same pain as you. Because, we are also an eLearning agency. We know where it hurts. And now we teamed up with best developers to create a tool so great that you will WANT to use it!

And while some are working on their summer bodies, we are working on the summer launch! Check out Storygizer web page and subscribe!