An Ode to eWyse

What could better reflect our team spirits than an unexpected depiction of our company retreat? From the heart, through verse, taste a pinch of our universe.

We went to Pupitres and had a blast,
Drinking and laughing, the time flew by so fast.
Mario puckered his wines with glee,
While our Martina sure does know her wines down to a tee.

Our HR Sanja has a contagious laugh, so uplifting,
Making the atmosphere light and the mood always shifting.
Our new designer Ivan was a chirpy firecracker,
Whose funny tales made us laugh and banter.

Our snap-happy Karmela spent the whole day clicking away,
Captivating those moments in every way.
She tried to get our pics just right,
Making sure we looked good in every light.
With her camera in hand, she was always ready,
To snap a pic, making sure it was steady.

Our designer team, our spirited gals,
Always a delight to hang around with, like great pals.
My LA girls were a hoot to hang out with,
Their wit and charm I could never quit.
Anja P. as sweet as can be,
A ray of sunshine for all to see.
Anja Fizir the heart of the group, no myth.
Her sense of humor gave us all a lift.
Our senior PM with tales to inspire,
Our firecracker Ivan almost set some dry flowers on fire.

Mario’s sauna animator tales had us in stitches,
Those funny characters with their quirks and glitches.

Now let’s raise a glass to our trip so fine,
And to the memories that will always shine.

Thanks, everyone for the laughs and fun,
The day will be remembered as a special one.


Author: Irena Buha