6 reasons why good eLearning is great for your company

Whether you want to educate and share knowledge with your employees or costumers, e-learning is proving to be the best solution. Why is that, you may ask. Scroll down for 6 reasons why high quality e-learning can only bring benefit to your company.

Long – term saving

When you organize a classic face-to-face training course, you are taking your employees out of their work. Also, you have to pay for the venue, the catering and the trainer. This approach turns out to be very expensive, especially if you invest a lot in training of human resources. However, investing in developing custom-made e-learning results in long-term saving because you can distribute one course to many people and allow them to learn at their own pace. There are no additional costs and one course can be used as many times as you want.

Personalisation of learning process

People have different learning styles and they want their learning to be adjusted to them. If you are educating your employees using e-learning, it is easy to design personalised learning process for each individual. Same goes if you want to educate your costumers. Personalised approach ensures that the content you share is more appealing and preferable to learners. It is used to keep the motivation and concentration. Personalised learning process for costumers provides customisation and can increase your conversion rate.


Better approach to skills gap

You know that your employees lack some crucial skills and that is fine, as long as you want to train them. While sending your people to many training courses or expecting them to know everything is exhausting to you and them, e-learning helps to train skills faster and equally efficient as „old-school“ approach, while quickly learning all new technologies, methodologies, tools etc.

Adressing high workforce fluctuation

This is a big challenge for our clients – how to welcome, train and speed up the onboarding process for new recruits. With a trend of staying up to 5 years in one company, employees quickly change their workplace. Sometimes it can take months for a new employee to settle in and this is where e-learning can help you. By defining your onboarding process, you can provide new recruits all necessary info, documents, communication channels, even a virtual tour of your company.

Attractive content

Many people complain that learning materials or their current e-learning courses are boring. Well, e-learning doesn’t have to be dull or boring. Learning architects or instructional designers have a role of helping organisations in designing content which  will be interesting and engaging to learners. Don’t be afraid to ask professionals for help. Your employees or your costumers will be satisfied because they got the knowledge they need in interactive form.

Micro-learning is the thing

It really is the thing! Attention span of average learner is very short and people don’t have the time to learn or train for hours. Micro-learning enables small „chunks“ of content, such as short videos or animations, which keeps the attention of learners. This way, learners want more content and they want it now. You can distribute your content on mobile phones or tablets and make sure that your employees or costumers learn whenever and wherever they want.


Sharing knowledge and upgrading your skills is too important to ignore it. eWyse is making sure that everyone gets new competencies and new experience when they learn digitally. Providing your people with learning opportunities increases their ambition, proactivity and their will for staying in your company. Building a great learning environment can only be beneficial to both the company and its people.


Maja Katinić

Learning Architect