Education is what remains after one has forgotten
what one has learned in school

Albert Einstein

What do bananas and storyboarding have in common?

Back in the day when we were kids, there was a cartoon about a ship stranded on a desert island. There was a crew, and a captain called Martha, but also – there was a great and skilled chef who tried his best to cook delicious meals for his crewmates. But, he had one problem […]

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eWyse Service Commitment

We commit to fully understand your needs. In order to satisfy your needs, we must fully understand them first. We will listen to you, we will ask about your problems, we will research with you. Once we fully understand what you need us to do and what problems you are trying to solve: We commit to always […]

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Our main methodology for creating tailor-made educational solutions

  Our main methodology for creating tailor-made educational solutions is as follow: Needs Assessment Solution Architecture Production Quality Assurance and Testing Delivery/Publishing By utilizing the “Holocentric Ed-Tech” byword, we can achieve a macrosystem solution that meets the needs of all subsystems, individuals, and stakeholders. How it works in practice: Holocentric We believe that the best […]

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