Attention Span

In any type of learning, eLearning included, it can be challenging to keep the learners engaged and interested. Let’s be real, in our fast-paced society, the attention span of the general population is not getting any longer. That is why we will take a look at some ways you can make the eLearning experience more interactive and engaging. 

Shorten the Segments

The first thing to consider is the length of the eLearning module. Even when a course contains combinations of different media, you should ask yourself, “How long is it?” and “Could it be divided into smaller segments?” Let’s say you are designing an eLearning course, and you have worked out that according to the content you need to include, the course will be an hour and a half long.


Instead of a full hour and a half session, or even two sessions of half that time, consider splitting the course into five and ten minute segments. In that way, you can turn the content into bite-sized chunks of knowledge that are easily digestible to anyone. Additionally, many people don’t have large chunks of free time, and they will find the time for short courses more easily.

Focus on Immediate Benefits

Learners want to put the new skills they are learning into use quickly. It may be necessary for the learners to go through several modules to reach all the learning objectives, but learners will be satisfied if they acquire a few new skills and knowledge from each short module. This will also keep them interested, engaged, and eagerly awaiting the next module.

Employ Gamification

Encouragement is necessary for all areas of education, and in the eLearning field, it is vital. By employing gamification we introduce rewarding feelings, competitive elements, and a sense of accomplishment. Learners need the inspiration to give their best performance. Gamification elements can, for example, be quizzes, league tables, or virtual badges and medals that learners can collect along their learning journey. You may be surprised how effective this can be. If you need even more examples, our eLearning course about gamification has plenty.

Engaging Marketing

Short attention span problems can begin even before the learner has signed up for the course. They may read your marketing or introductory text and lose interest if it is too long or if there is nothing there to engage them.
An excellent example of engaging marketing are explainer videos. Explainer videos can briefly show learners what they will gain from the course. Just make sure that the gain is of practical value and highlight the benefits early. This will serve as a good reason for learners to sign up and start the course.

Introduce Breaks

In the case of an instructor-led eLearning, give learners a break after a few modules. This will help them retain their interest and engagement. For the best results, perhaps run three modules and then allow a break to ensure learners can rest and recuperate for a bit. This will help them to return with reinvigorated interest for the next module.
It can be said that having a short attention span is a result of modern life, in which we expect everything right here, right now. By using the above methods, you can hopefully get around this and help people learn more effectively.