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We are behind the outlines, storyboards and mood boards that form the beating heart of your eLearning solutions. Due to recent events, probably a little like you, we’re also working remotely. Zoom is our office and Slack is our watercooler. Yet we still function extraordinarily well because our eLearning strategy knows no time or place.

Why tell you this? Because we want you to know that we talk the talk and walk the walk: Not only do we continue to create eLearning courses for the remote training of your teams, employees, and clients but we also use the same working and learning methods for ourselves. We are living proof that digital, remote, and online really do work!

Meet the eWyse Team of Instructional Designers, Learning Architects, and Business Experts

Mario Buljan

We have the coolest CEO – a true motorhead with a Doberman dog. As you can guess, he has the guts and the skills to take this agency to the top.

Sara Vidić

Office/Operations Manager
Meet Sara, extraordinaire and multitasking maestro! With her wand of organizational magic, she creates a harmonious symphony of productivity and order that would make even Mozart blush.
eWyse team: Matea Stare

Matea Stare

Project Manager/Team Lead
The main reason we have an awesome web page. She is the team PM, our intuitive troubleshooter, also known as The Keeper of deadlines.
eWyse team: Karmela Pecek

Karmela Peček

Lead Instructional Designer/LMS Expert
Expert in all things design. She is fluent in LMS, earning her the title The LMS Whisperer. Another seasoned designer who is known as our graphics virtuoso.

Anja Pavlović

Lead Learning Architect
With her contagious creativity, she’s heard even when quiet. Her work makes you hear, feel and see at the same time. Her pen (and keyboard) is the tongue of her mind.

Tajana Kovačević

Learning Architect
Our crackerjack Learning Architect autographs her work with excellence. With a striking eye for detail, no letter will be left unturned. Whatever the topic – she can master it.

Irena Buha

Learning Architect
Our Learning Architect with Aussie roots, koalifies as a true Dundee fan, fair dinkum. Instead of thinking outside the proverbial box, she gets rid of the box altogether and creates her own world.

Tamara Tomek

Learning Architect
With a sparkle in her eye that could rival a shooting star, she waltzes through the realm of words, choreographing learning experiences that tap with creativity and shuffle with innovation.

Marija Šimunić

Instructional Designer
An execution thinker, with a creative flow in all directions. She dreams big, works hard and makes it happen fast. Our very own Speedy Gonzales. Andale, Arriba!

Ivana Geček

Instructional Designer
Our multi-talented multi-tasker. Our writer and our designer, not only generates innovative ideas, but also brings that creativity to life.

Andreja Golubić

Instructional Designer
Our seasoned designer who makes it work, makes it right and makes it fast. Sees the possible in impossible and oils the wheels in designing.

Ivan Blažević

Instructional Designer
Also a musician, Ivan creates killer beats and drums up a storm. His keen eye for geometry makes him the ultimate combination of brains and beats.

Sanja Damiani

HR Consultant
Meet our ‘feel good Director’ and wellness Sensei. She lends strength and meaning to the team with a huge dose of enlightenment and her contagious energy.

Anja Fizir

Marketing/SEO Consultant
Meet our digital dynamo, our adventurer ringleader. She’s our idea-envisioner and alchemist who digs into data and optimizes and oils eWyse’s engines.

Company Information

We are one of Europe’s leading providers of eLearning solutions, including custom content for online training courses as well as Learning Management Systems (LMSs) that allow for online learning materials to be uploaded, accessed, and managed by training organizations and students. We use our custom 3C Framework and innovative instructional design strategies to keep clients in full control of their course development.

The company provides its services across many sectors, including nonprofits and education and has won numerous awards for its ability to rapidly-produce a broad range of engaging and effective learning content.

The founding principles of the organisation were built around the concept of ‘Accountability Culture’. This underpins everything they do and means their business partnerships and clients are treated with openness and transparency. The approach, together with a high degree of flexibility around managing their project work-load, has led to the development of long-term partnerships with many large organisations, who know that they can rely on eWyse to deliver critical learning programmes at short notice.

eWyse is constantly staying ahead in terms of delivering remote learning trends and technology. This means that your organization, by partnering with eWyse, will always be confident that learners will have the best possible chance of reaching their learning goals and achieving their dreams through education and self-improvement.

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