3C Framework:
How Does It Work

3C, or the Triple Control Framework, is a fully transparent approach to the development of eLearning solutions, which we established to the tiniest detail. It is our way of producing eLearning courses.
Since the ‘C’ stands for Control, the 3C Framework guarantees the control stays in the hands of our clients through the entire process of the creation of eLearning solutions. The triple control in question is the Creative, Process, and Financial Control. If we sparked your interest, continue reading to find out more about each.

Creative Control

The first C in our 3C approach stands for the Control clients have over the creative aspects. A unique and structured feedback system means that creative input from all parties is built into all steps of the eLearning course development.
The feedback is important in order to find out how the clients feel about the creative solutions for their eLearning courses, including the overall theme, design, and the general mood of the course. Because of that, all ideas are documented and shared via our detailed Needs Analysis and Moodboard documents.

In short, control over the creative process allows us to develop custom eLearning solutions that are highly creative and tailored exactly to learners’ needs.

Process Control

Another important C is the Control clients exercise over the entire process. Development of eLearning solutions can be a complex process with many stakeholders involved and a million little details to keep in mind.
Process control, therefore, helps clients to keep control over the project and stay informed about what is being done, how it is being done, and why we do it, at each stage of the development. It is a methodology that keeps everybody involved on the same page when it comes to any question or conundrum about the project.

In short, Process Control empowers our clients during the entire life-cycle of the project, establishes their authority over the development, and helps us reach the desired objectives together.

Financial Control

Last but not least, the third C in our 3C approach stands for the Control over the financial aspects of our eLearning services. Clients receive full transparency of costs and time spent on the development of eLearning courses.
With our unique pricing document and our Calculator, there is no space left for surprises or hidden costs. There’s nothing worse than realizing halfway through a project that there are not enough financial resources to finish it. Financial Control allows for better decision-making and prevents this from happening.

In short, keeping financial control allows clients to maintain supervision of the budget and keep aligned with their company’s fiscal objectives.

What Are the Benefits of the Framework?

Customized Courses

Feedback during the entire process helps us to collaboratively agree on the best and unique solutions for your eLearning needs.

No Surprises

The transparency of the framework and control on the side of our clients leave no room for surprises, financial or any other kind.

Better End Results

Customized content and no surprises equals better end results. And better end results equals happier clients.
Within the 3C Framework we developed a 7-stage system through which the clients are guided by our highly competent team to collaboratively determine the exact needs and desired outcomes from our custom eLearning services.

The 3C Framework Stages

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So How Much Does eLearning Cost?

We talked about financial control, but you still might wonder, how much does eLearning cost? Not to worry, we got you covered there as well. We created an eWyse Calculator to help you accurately estimate the costs of your eLearning development.

If you are interested to find out even more, feel free to read our eBook, which will tell you how to radically improve eLearning outcomes with 3C in more detail.